Chapter II..........................

  1. Well, this morning I checked DHL tracking site and still no movement. At 9:03, I get an e-mail from DHL c/s saying:

    Dear Robyn Benz,
    Thank you for your reply.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I assume that the shipment was lost :wtf:in due to DHL handling error. :crybaby:However, I request you to ask the shipper to contact us so that a lose claim can be filed. If I can be of further assistance please advise.
    Thank you for using DHL.
    DHL Express
    Customer Service

    At 10:30 I get this message from Casey in Chicago:

    Hi Robyn,
    Just wanted to let you know I got an email back from the London web sales office this morning. They apologized profusely for the delay of your order and said they really appreciate your business and loyalty but there is truly nothing that can be done to expedite this process from their end. Apparently there is often some delay on the government’s end while approving the export of exotic materials and it is entirely out of their hands. I am so sorry! I know it must be frustrating to wait for such a great bag and I hope it arrives soon! I will follow up with you later this week to ensure you have received it. :sad:
    Crossing my fingers for you!

    So I called the DHL number I was given yesterday to open a claim and the CS agent took my info and went to check on the status. When he came back he informed me that my package had been released from clearance hold BUT there was a problem with the container it came in on from the UK and the person who filled out the manifest (not JC) for the container did something wrong and now customs has seized :wtf:the entire container. Release date UNKNOWN.:cursing:
    He told me to call as many times a day to get status, but it could be a day or it could be 10 (or more):hs:
    I guess I may never see my bag, but I am just greatful Stinkerbelle has her baby in hand and that it did not get shipped on the same container:yahoo:
  2. This is unreal:wtf: What a frustrating experience. I especially like the line, "Thank you for using DHL." At least it appears there is still hope. Hang in there I bet it is stunning and like birth you will forget all about the pain when you finally hold her in your arms:lol:. Sorry if that was a little dramatic. Just trying to cheer you up.

    Guess I will be waiting a little bit on that celibratory margarita. Keep us posted on the Travels of Watersnake Rock!
  3. OMG. I just came on to post a photo of my Riki when I saw your post. I swear, I almost started crying! :crybaby:

    I want so badly to drive to NY and rescue your bag! It's the least I could do for her after she somehow managed to escape the container and keep my poor Riki company, even riding the ferry with her! :s

    I can only assume she sacrificed herself to save my Riki. She is/was a brave and valiant handbag. She will not be forgotten. :crybaby:

    HOWEVER! I am supremely hopeful that at some point she will be released and shipped to you, it's just a matter of how long you're willing to wait. I don't know that I could wait indefinitely myself.

    I am SO sorry Robyn, and thank you for being happy for me that my bag was delivered to me. It means a lot. :heart:
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    That was too funny. I actually had a very easy childbirth (epidural BABY:noworry:) it was the 8+ weeks the stubborn DD wanted to be free of the womb before her due date. Premature labor @ 26 weeks, drugs & bed rest until 34 weeks, birth 34 weeks + 1 day. Anyway, thanks so much for your support and please have a margarita (or 2) now, because I am sure going to have a few :drinkup: I will be sure to write chapter 3 as it happens:hrmm:

  5. Oh Stinkerbelle:flowers: Thank you for being so sweet.

    I wish there was something that could magically be done to rescue her from the awful Customs Dept, but I am not too stressed about it, after the other fun battles I have been fighting this month, this one falls last one on the priority list.
    I am TRULY happy your bag managed to escape the claws of the customs agents. I have several beloved Choo's to fondle, stroke and hold and I know the little watersnake will show up someday, but for a first time JC buyer, you should not have to be put through such a stressful ordeal:crybaby: When you finally decide to invest that kind of money in your beloved bag and then to have to wait & wait & wait:whistle: you just want to say :cursing: "screw it, it's not worth the head ache" so it was important that you received your beloved baby as quickly as possible. We WILL be able to celebrate eventually. I find this whole situation more humorous than anything. Don't worry, just enjoy your gorgeous Riki!!!!
  6. Are you kidding me????? This is UNBELIEVABLE!! :tdown: Gosh, if it weren't 50% off I would cancel this order right away!
  7. Oh Robyn..

    So sorry your nice watersnake bag is being tramatized trying to make it to you.
    What a hassel - I hope it comes to a successful ending soon :smile:
  8. Well, It has been officially 18 days since my "Rock" left London and has been sitting in New York for 12 days.
    I finally received an email from Jimmy Choo London indicating they would issue store credit for $35.00 dollars to be used for future purchases, but unfortunately, I have no bag to put my e-mail credit in:roflmfao:
    I am tempted to try to cancel the order as I ended up with a Black Marcia by accident last Friday. I picked her up for someone during Nordies Anniversary sale @ 1/2 price and they ended up not wanting her and since it is no longer being made, I guess it will be a collectors item someday:tup:
    I have tried to be patient and understanding, but I can only wait for so lone. I will give it until the end of this week, then the FINAL chapter will close :cursing:
  9. :crybaby::wtf::nogood::crybaby:
  10. Unfreakingbelievable. :censor:

    You have the patience of a Saint Robyn, I fear I would have thrown in the towel by now.

    I just think this whole thing is so unfair. JC shipped the bags, they're just not getting through. But the ultimate insult is that they were such great deals at $50% off. It makes it tough to walk away.
  11. Oh no:sad:I cannot believe DHL has dragged this out so long. I was thinking about you and your Rock the other day and wondering when we would see the gorgeous pictures. Well, you still might get your delivery. Fingers crossed here for you. Do tell about the Black Marcia. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to the pictures. Beautiful bag:okay:
    Don't give up on Watersnake Rock yet. I bet that bag is a stunner:drool::drool::yes:
  12. Oh good Lord! This is the most ridiculous story of a little Rock star I've ever heard!:hysteric:
    They offered me $35. for a problem that occured earlier this year with a shipment, then when I tried to order another bag they upped the shipping cost! I told them to apply it to the shoes I had on the way instead. The customer service from jchoo london leaves something to be desired...:boxing:
  13. I'm sorry to read about your troubles with DHL. I've never ordered from JC directly, but MUST they use DHL? Clearly, they are incompetent. Please keep us updated....crossing my fingers for you.