Chappelle's Show...The Lost Episodes...

  1. Anybody watching? How does it compare to the first two seasons? Do you think Dave was right to leave?

    I didn't find all of it funny, but there were a couple of times I found myself laughing out loud, can't quite decide if it was guiltily or not...
  2. I really need to get tivo

    I missed this
  3. Not really feeling this episode. The one last week had me laughing out loud, though.
  4. I enjoyed it. It would be nice if Dave Chapelle was actually on it. But I like the skits.
  5. I saw him perform live about a year ago. He was so :roflmfao::yahoo::roflmfao::yahoo:.... The best comedy perfomance I have ever gone to! (Going to see Carlos Mencia in November...I'm sure he will have me LMAO too!)
  6. That must have been fun. I love seeing comedians live. I saw Chris Rock just before he made it big. He was HILARIOUS! Also saw Margaret Cho. Love her! I her tour title in my avatar quote. And not a true comedian, but I saw David Sedaris as well.

    I really like Carlos Mencia, but sometimes, I feel his show is a poor imitation of Chappelle's show. Though in all honesty it is probably an unfair comparison. I am sure he will be totally hilarious. I've seen some of his standup on Comedy Central and he is really funny.
  7. Don't worry. It's comedy central. They will totally be repeating the eps. They just started airing them last Sunday, so you can still catch up.