Chapped Lips: what’s the cure?


Mar 8, 2017
Get your hands on the ‘Refresh and Prep Lip Scrubber’ from Sephora! So gentle but works SO WELL paired with any lip scrub. That thing is a life saver!

For balms I cycle between the Sol De Janeiro lip balm and the Bite Balm or Lip Mask.

You also might have luck with emu oil lip balms. You can get them on amazon. They have a ton of great reviews, but didn’t end up working for me.


Jul 17, 2008
I sometimes use the ‘sleep mask’ as a gloss during the day as well, it’s good [emoji7] View attachment 4396473
Wow! I’ve never seen this... what’s in the ingredients list? :heart:Hi

As another poster said drinking water and generally eating healthy foods improves skin Hydration in general. I would also avoid long lasting lipsticks which are incredibly drying. A vitamin e capsule pierced and oil applied to lips before bedtime or with some hydrating lip tint should do miracles.
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Oct 9, 2006
When I worked in dermatology, one of the doctors recommended a lip balm with hydrocortisone. I can't remember the name of it, but i have found that Dr Dan's makes one. It is sold on the dermstore online and on Amazon. It is very effective in healing cracked, dry lips. It is also said to be hypoallergenic. I have also found that any lip balm with shea butter works well for me. Aquaphor may work well, but some Aquaphor products contain an antibiotic, and I had a reaction to the cream.
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