chapped lips!!!! HELP!

  1. I have been struggling with chapped lips for YEARS.. and i feel like i've tried everything.. anyone have suggestions?? thanks!
  2. Bee's Wax has worked wonders on me! Best thing used on my lips ever! But i'll occassionally use Smashbox lipgloss once in awhile but usually wear Bee's Wax under the lipgloss to make sure my lips are moisturized!
  3. My lips are very chapped, too. I swear by Burt's Bees Wax, the original lip balm one. It's amazing, it's the best!
  4. Put a lot of vaseline on your lips just before bed.. it really sinks in over night! :smile:
  5. Burt's bees wax is really good. My dertmatologist suggested Aquafor. Wow that stuff really works!
  6. you can makea lipfoliant with Baking Sodaand a little honey, then put vaseline on 4 bed!
  7. When I went to Paris last month, my lips were so dry and chapped. I bought Bourjois night lip balm and that really took care of chappiness/dryness. It's available at Sephora.
    Burt's Bee, while good, could not cure my chapped lips. Refreshing though!
  8. drink LOTs of water... and try Fresh Sugar lip treatment. it works well!
  9. aloe vera works wonders for me
  10. I have severly dry skin as Ive mentioned, and along with that comes insanely chapped lips. Most balms and sticks I felt I needed to reapply constantly Vascelene and Aquaphor broke my lip line out. The ONLY think that as kept my lips nice and kissably soft is Chapstick 100% Naturals. I love the Botanical Medley version. I apply it only once in the moring and once before bed.
  11. Hi there, please give John Masters organics Lip Calm a try. In Uk it is available in Wholefoods stores but I am sure it is widely available in US. Its main ingredient is olive oil then beeswax. Once my lips are dry I apply only once or twice and it lasts hours, sometimes I think I am wearing lipstick...
  12. I swear by Vaseline!
  13. aquafor works for me.
  14. Labello Hydrocare! Best 2.50 EUR I've ever spent!
  15. Yup im a burt bees too, also try exfoliating with a toothbrush before you go to bed and in the morning :smile: see if that helps any