Chaotic Britney bares her soul....and her bottom

  1. Chaotic Britney bares her soul...and her bottom

    by DONNA McCONNELL - More by this author » Last updated at 11:30am on 29th August 2007 [​IMG] Comments (4)
    Most celebrities facing a custody battle and allegations of child abuse might make even a half-hearted attempt to clean up their act, and their public image – but not Britney Spears.
    It was business as usual for the chaotic singer who appeared in public following the revelations wearing what could loosely be described as a floral mini dress – which exposed her ample bottom.

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    [​IMG] Baring all: The ever-chaotic Britney bares her soul on a new track and her ample bottom is a barely-there 'dress'

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    [​IMG] Exposed: Britney seems to have mistaken a top for a dress as the outfit fails to cover her exposed dimpled bottom

    Clearly Britney is not overly worried about keeping up appearances in advance of her looming custody battle which centres on whether she is fit to be a parent, or the fact that ex-husband Federline is said to have served legal papers to a string of witnesses who can allegedly testify about her chaotic behaviour.

    The singer's private life has long overshadowed her once successful pop career, but a leaked copy of a new ballad by the pop princess shows that could be about to change.

    The song 'Baby Boy', one of the pop princess' first efforts after returning to the studio for the first time in more than two years was leaked on the internet, and it seems her recent troubles have provided her with the inspiration for her new material.
    On the bluesy track, a husky-voiced Britney, bares her soul, and makes a clear reference to ex-husband Kevin Federline, as she sings about her "baby boy" who deserted her.
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    [​IMG] Peek-a-bottom: Britney shows off a tad more flesh than she should

    The pared-down backing track, which has a haunting music-box chime in the background, is still in the demo stage, but even so, the stripped-down new material is in stark contrast to her previous heavily produced pop numbers.
    Britney sings:
    "Everyday I'm in a daze, looking for that someone "And everyday, I sit and kneel and pray "Oh, sweet love, can I get some? "So why do you desert me, baby boy? "I thought that you were the one"
    Then in the middle of the song and Britney is heard on the phone talking to her 'baby boy'. She asks: "Hey baby, what time you gonna get home?"
    The lovelorn ballad ends with the lines:
    "So why did you desert me, baby boy? "I thought that you, you were the one." "So if you preferred the other one, "She won't bring you the sun."

    Spears and Federline, 29, are caught up in an ugly custody battle over sons Sean Preston, two next month, and Jayden James, eleven months.
    And yesterday it was revealed she is also being investigated for possible child abuse.
    The complaint, lodged with Department of Children and Family Services, alleges poor dental hygiene, as well as poor eating and sleeping habits for the boys.

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    [​IMG] Britney is facing a custody battle and an investigation into allegations of child abuse

    Spears' recent off the wall indiscretions, which include a topless swimming pool romp with a stranger earlier this month, have led Federline to seek full custody of their children.
    Clearly Spears has a lot on her mind, as the new white convertible Mercedes she was driving, broke down in the middle of the street after running out of gas.

    However, luckily for the celebrity, the police were on hand to push her to a nearby petrol station.
    Hours later, Spears went out for a drive locally again - and picked up a parking ticket.
    [​IMG] Britney gets a hand from the police after her new car runs out of petrol
  2. How could she forget to put on pants??????

    That is not a dress, it is a top.
  3. She is just... I don't even know what to say anymore.
  4. lmao she's lost her mind. how do you leave the house without putting any pants on?!

    doesn't she feel a breeze down there?
  5. She's insane. She should be arrested for public indecency.
  6. The song's not half bad.
  7. She looks really bad, if someone wore that on the street here, I think they'd get arrested. She's just doing this for attention.
  8. :wtf: There is just no excuse for that.
  9. [​IMG]

    The photog behind her looks like he's ready to hurl!! :throwup:
  10. [​IMG]

    And this guy's cracking up!
  11. She has really let herself go, from seeing these photos......
    She's obviously in desperate need of attention, be it negative or positive.
    And since NEGATIVE attention is what keeps her name in the celeb spotlight, she is settling for that.

  12. What was she thinking??? I mean, come have no pants on, Brit!
  13. She MUST know... how can she not? Or she just doesn't care.
  14. sad! Show a pic of her from the JT days and now...gosh...amazing!
  15. Very sad. If she's gonna wear tops like that she needs longer wigs.