Chantelle Looks More Like Jordan Than Jordan Does

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  1. [​IMG]
    Copycat: Chantelle, at London's China White last night, looked just like her Jordan during her party girl heyday
  2. [​IMG]
    Double take: Chantelle, left, farewelled photographers with a very familar air kiss
  3. [​IMG]
    In the pink: Chantelle showed off her thigh-skimming outfit
  4. Chantelle has said: "I love Jordan and what she's done in her life. I hope to achieve the same."

    But Jordan, real name Katie Price, is now shying away from her famous look, replacing her brassy blonde hair with subtle brunette locks.

    She also had a breast reduction in Los Angeles just before Christmas, going from a huge 32FF to a far more reasonable 32D.
    She is also rumoured to have had a nose job during the stay

    The glamour model (right) showed off her new low key look while holidaying in Australia yesterday
  5. Jordan looks waaaaay better toned down!! OMG she looks fantastic. I don't know who the other one is that is trying to copy her. Is that the same one that copied Posh? Bit of a schitzo, no?
  6. Yup ! same schitzo ! :yes:
  7. her makeup is really making me mad.

    line lips, then blot and THEN apply lipstick.

    also, why didnt she blend her eyeshadow?? who applied her makeup? Ronald McDonald? smh
  8. Jordan looks so much nicer! I am so surprised. She should stay w/ the subdued look. I thought she looked like a cartoon before.
  9. hey by the way, who are these people?

    I hear a lot about Katie Price, who is she? superstar?
  10. I don't know who that 'Chantelle' is, but she certainly looks like a wanna-be. :yes:
  11. Katie Price was a topless model :yes:
  12. Chantelle was a "civilian" who was in Celebrity Big Brother. She had to pretend to the the other celebs that she was a celeb and that she was in a girl band! She fell for another z list celeb (Preston from the Ordinary Boys) in the Big Brother House and they had a whirlwind relationship and they married and divorced within a year.

    Now she has had a boob job, faked her hair even more than before and looks thoroughly cheap and nasty!!!!

    Its ironic that Katie is toning down and Chantelle is hamming it up and looking like a hooker lol!

    This is not the same girl that was the posh look a like tho, just to confuse you more, that was Chanelle!!! or something equally rubbish :biggrin:
  13. tacky tack tacky!!
  14. :lol::lol::lol:

    So that' basically the same girl. With a t added.
  15. well, chantelle used to look like paris hilton.... :lol: jordan looks really shocking in that first pic :wtf: