Channel Novice ~ Please Help With My Hybrid Quest..........

  1. hi! ~ happy holidays! ~ i have been reading & learning as much as i can about the re~issues & classics ~ but i'm still confused as to which group my own HG belongs! :confused1: ~ the dark red distressed leather hybrid with the bioux silver chain & mm lock ~ i :love: this bag! ~ could someone please explain whether it is a re~issue or a classic & when it was released? ~ was it available in different sizes & is it likely to be "re~issued" again? ~ sorry about so many ? in a first post! ~ TIA ~:flowers:
  2. Hi, check out the "loot from Somerset........" in main Chanel Forum, there is a picture of the red Hybrid for sale at Saks. PS I have this bag, it's great as the leather is really durable.
  3. thank you for replying nvchampagne ~ :flowers: ~ will do