Chanl Pre-Fall and Act 1 Lookbook - Handbags

  1. Here's the lookbook from Bergdorf Goodman, courtesy of Saskia.
    scan00021.jpg scan00031.jpg
  2. part 2
  3. sorry have to break these won't let me upload all at once
  4. Gosh, some of those are TDF! Those reissues have me :drool: like crazy! Thanks for posting, sweetsparkle! :nuts:
  5. part 4
    scan00051.jpg scan00061.jpg
  6. Thanks so much sweetsparkle.. it's time to save for the next bag and wow...prices keep going up with each new season...
  7. thank you for sharing.
  8. thanks for letting us know!
  9. Thanks for posting!!
  10. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful bags!
  11. Oooh, thanks for posting! :heart:

    Gorgeous bags! I love the shiny reissues!! :drool:
  12. thx for posting. Nice to see the metellics back for pre-fall.
  13. my scanner didn't get it all. let me re-scan and send it again.
  14. sweetsparkle, thanks so much for posting!! how exciting!! can't wait to see all of the fall stuff!
  15. thanks for posting!