Changing your primary credit card on needed!!

  1. I've recently deleted my primary credit card on paypal, and added a new card. Easy!!:tup:

    However I now can't use cc for alternative funding!!:tdown:

    I've emailed paypal twice, but no response.:hysteric: Then I've tried ringing their customer services number, and after selecting the right option I keep getting put on hold with background music. Each time I've given up before anyone has answered (that is if there is anyone to answer it).:cursing:

    I've tried to research on paypal what the issue might be, and think I may need an expanded use number, which you can get by joining the expanded use programme and this will show up on your cc online statement in a few days.

    A. I can't find where you join this expanded use programme; and
    B. The expanded use number isn't showing on my online statement.

    HOW DO I RESOLVE THIS, if paypal doesn't respond to emails or answer phones.

    I've taken to joining google checkout (so easy), but not everyone uses this.

    Anyone have any words of wisdom?:idea:
  2. When you added this credit card you should have received an email verifying the additional credit card and the details of the expanded use number.

    The small charge will not appear on your statement for a few days.
  3. Yes I received an email to confirm the changes, but can't recall it mentioning anything about the expanded use number. I've deleted the email since, so can't check.:confused1:
  4. Keep checking your CC statement online for the charge and the expanded use number. Then go into Paypal your credit card portion (edit) and it will ask you for the number. Once you input it in then you should be able to use your new credit card with no problem. I just went through all of this when I changed cards. It took about a week to get it all verified. Good Luck
  5. It sounds like I just need a bit of patience!!:push: