Changing your mind about a purchase

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  1. :thinking:Okay, ladies. I'm sure some of you have had this happen but have you ever changed your mind about purchasing a bag because of "a feeling",didn't look/feel right, or just plain old "gut feeling"?
  2. Yup!
    I bought a LV "Totally MM" afew weeks ago, - then changed to "Palermo PM" all within 14days!... B'cus I felt... that theres no "Love at first sight" kinda feeling... :P
  3. the only time this happened to me was when i bought a Rebecca Minkoff morning after on major sale at saks. i had always liked that bag, and it came to about $140, which is ridiculously good.

    but when i got home it sat on my desk for about a week, and i never felt tempted to carry it. that's highly unusual for me- usually when i get a new bag i'm practically throwing my stuff into it when i walk out the store! the RM seemed a little boring next to my other bags, and i realized the style (and the color i got- black) was just too simple for me, and i returned it.
  4. This has so happened to me. And if you don't love it--Return it.
  5. Happily I have an instinctive feeling when first seeing a bag IRL.

    There are so many bags that I have fallen head-over-heels in love with looking at pics etc but then it's almost instant when I see a bag up close.

    Usually it was the difference between 'good idea' and it's execution.
  6. Unfortunately I have done this WAY too many times! I adore bags, and love them, but I do not change out how many can I really use? Plus some I cannot see IRL before buying, so I have to order them and then I like them but they sit in the closet...

    I have finally come around to being a lot more mindful of what I purchase...and also realizing that certain bags work for me, while others do not. And I would rather return for a full refund if it is not love versus ending up selling it a few weeks later on the bonz or fleebay at a loss...
  7. I change my mind all of the time...and I am always in search of the perfect bag.
  8. i change my mind too but i hate waiting for the refund/credit.
  9. I buy all my bags online (cheaper to buy overseas) but sometimes it's hard when you are just judging based on a picture, so I do change my mind once I get to see it in person.
  10. Yes when I start reading reviews about a bag I want. I usually like to see bags in person than online because I can make a better judgement before I swipe the plastic.
  11. For me ..I purchased my first LV.. Damier Ebene speedy 30..I was dying to get it..but after I got it I wasn't so excited about it...sold it. I do love the damier so much better than the mono and I love a satchel shape..there was just something about it that didn't get me going..the canvas or something. I haven't bought anymore LV.
  12. I had so many returns or re-selling, not fun, but I can not access the ones I like IRL, so I try online, sometimes it turns out waaaaaaaay better than in the photo (YSL always surprise me how amazing they are IRL), often I am terribly disappointed (like with many newer types of Miu Miu bags with yellower than I would like hardware). It is a problem.
  13. This has definitely happened to me before. That's why now, once I've purchased I put the bag in the closet in it's dustbag with all tags still attached and put the receipt inside the bag. I do not carry it for 1-2 weeks (sometimes longer if there is a more generous return policy). During that period I may take it out a few times to put my things in it and carry it around the house. But if the desire dies down then I just return it.
  14. I did this with a Bagdley Mischka bag. It looked SO cute online, so I ordered it to replace my MBMJ Lil Riz (which was since repaired). I picked it up from Nordies, took it home, and just felt like it didn't replace or even come close to filling my MBMJ void. I had it for a total of 6 hours before I returned it.
  15. Thank you all for the informative replies. :woohoo: