Changing yellow gold to white gold on existing pendant?

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  1. Hi there,
    I wonder if anyone knows this - if WG is really YG dipped in rhodium plating (I think??) could you take an existing pendant, say a yellow gold cross, and have it dipped to make it WG? I wonder how much that would be?
  2. I can help you! White gold is gold mixed with different alloys to change it to the white color. As for your yellow gold piece, you can get it dipped, but it will wear off over time. You will need it dipped every couple of years. The process is rather inexpensive.
  3. Last time I had my DH's wedding ring dipped it was $15.
  4. ^^That's very inexpensive.....where I work the charge is $30/item. It is a great way to change your yg to a wg look. It will not work properly though if it's an intricate piece, lots of filigree, prongs, etc. If you decide you no longer want it wg, then it will need to be hand-buffed to get rid of all of the rhodium plating.
  5. Interesting! It's a diamond cross I'm looking at, basket style claws (the Tiffany's one) - not a lot of gold there but enough peeking out to show. I can get a good deal on one but really prefer wg or platinum.

    Two more questions since I have some experts here!

    is the number of times you'd have to get it dipped a factor of how much you wear it? (daily, weekly, etc)

    Can most jewellers do this for you?

    Do you think it's worth the bother? Would they have to take the diamonds out first?

    Sorry that's 3!
  6. I have a friend who had her engagement ring dipped, they never took the stone out for that. The current charge were I live for rhodium plating is $40. I do not think you will have to do it as often as it is a pendant. Rings get much more wear and tear so they have to be done more frequently. As for your question if white gold is really yellow gold that has been rhodium plated the answer is no. 18kt gold for example is 75% solid gold and 25% alloy. Whatever is used for the alloy determines if it becomes white (by adding silver, zinc, or palladium), yellow (brass), pink (copper). I am not 100% certain on the specific alloys, put they use a combination to make up that 25% in 18kt. I hope that answers your questions. If you have more, please feel free to ask away.
  7. I think you'd be fine with getting the cross dipped. Since it's on your neck and getting minimal wear n tear, you will be fine. As the above poster noted, they do not take the stones out. Any knowledgeable jeweler can do the plating. It doesn't take long at all.

    If you prefer a wg look over the yg then I would do it. It's not permanent in case you change your mind. Good Luck!
  8. That's so helpful everyone, thanks!! I might go for it... :smile: :smile: :smile:
  9. The cost will really depend on the size of the item.

    As to the wear of the item, the rate at which the rodium coat comes off depends on how acidic your sweat is - the more acidic, the faster the coat will come off.