Changing Vachetta?

  1. Ok, I have had my speedy for about a year now and the vachetta is already changeing alot. I was wondering, is there anywhere you can send it or take it to get the vachetta re-done or cleaned? I know its all part of the process of LV but I just dont like it :[ and I don't want to have to buy a new speedy every year.
  2. You can have the vachetta replaced by LV.
  3. Really? Do you know about how much it costs?
  4. I had my handles, chads (where the handles attached) and tabs replaced. It cost $145.00 but my Speedy looked brand new when the finished. It was gorgeous. It did take a long time (about 9 weeks).
  5. Well, I would have to just use another bag during that time, but truthfully, $145 is a great price for a practicly new speedy. Did you get it done at the LV boutique?
  6. I want to know to, for future reference.
  7. vachetta can be replaced?? wow~ i'm so happy to hear that. my puppy chewed on the tab and puller of my speedy 30.......

  8. Wow. I thought replacing the vachetta was more expensive!
  9. I think handles and chads is reasonable...I was quoted $120 I think. When you want to do all the vachetta then it gets more pricey since they have to take the bag apart. I'm not sure if the $120 quote included the leafs or not...I think not though.
  10. Well I need the zipper pull, the handles, the 2 tabs on each end, and the things that hold the handles on redone. That might cost a little more :[
  11. Wow, that's cheap! When did you get yours done? I went to the boutique yesterday and the quote I got was (in Aus $$) $220 for handles, $40 per chad (leather piece handle attached to) and I'm pretty sure she said $40 for the leaf and zipper pull. So to change basically everything(except the piping) will cost about $500 (~US$430). But our prices are usually higher. You can give your local LV a call sunnivain and get a quote. I would like to know how much premium we pay Downunder:cursing:.
  12. That is the exact reason I am not using mine. I've only used it like 4 times since I got my speedy and it's already changing and has marks on it. I try to be REALLY careful too, but it's so hard to avoid! Last thing I'm owning with vachetta!
  13. Well my next galleria trip wont be until after the hollidays because I most defently do not want to face the holiday crowds at lv and all over. But when I got to pick up my t&b pochette i will defently get a quote. I would love to get the piping replaced. But that would proboly end up costing almost more than a new speedy. but im worried if I dont get the piping done it will look kind of off.
  14. Haha, yes me too with the last thing I'm owning with the vachetta, I love speedys though so I think I'll pick up a mini lin for valentines day and maybe a black EPI speedy for my birthday :yahoo: I love the color it changes to and I absolutly love the mono canvas because it will never go out of style, but it just starts to look dirty, and also where the lock is starts curling up and cracking. I just dont like it :shrugs: I'm actually starting to carry my lock on the part where the handle connects to the bag, the little gold part, and even after just a week I've seen a big inprovment in the lock holding tab
  15. I had the handles the chads and the end leaf done, and then they replaced the leaf pull tab at the store. It would have been more to have that one included at the outset, but my SA told me he would do it at the store. It's much more expensive if you want to have the piping done. I had mine done at the Charlotte NC store. It was absolutely gorgeous! You couldn't tell it wasn't a brand new bag. On the speedy that was chewed - this would probably be even less if you're not having the handles replaced. If you get the piping included it is 75% the cost of a new speedy - like $450.00 - way too high. It doesn't take long for the vachetta to catch up to the piping though. I actually put mine in the tanning bed and it caught right up.