changing vachetta on old elipse

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  1. Hi, i have a question, i have an elipse pm 14 years old and i want to know if LV will change all the vechatta on it, not just handles but the piping as well? i know it costs £50 for each handle but i dont just want white handles and brown trim? thank you for any help ta!!
  2. Thank you for starting this thread. I have the same question.
  3. Bump...
    I am hoping someone can answer this.
  4. I heard it's free the first time to replace ALL the leather. . . You should call the 1-800 #.
  5. ^^ im pretty sure you have to pay to replace the leather, but yes they will replace all of it if you pay for it, some other members have had the vachetta replaced on speedy's and they look like new. its not cheap because they have to pull the bag apart KWIM?? but they can do it
  6. i took my elipse in to LV and the SA said they will only change the handles, nothing else, not even the diamond shape leather the handles attach to the bag with. That would not be any good.....midg613 your noe looks gorgeous! LV changed all the leather! Thats what i want :sad: maybe i should go again and speak to manager there?

    thanx for you help
  7. :woohoo:

  8. It's not free; you'll have to pay to have the work done. I'd take it to your local store or call the 800#; they should be able to give you an estimate on the cost of the repairs. Good Luck!
  9. ^^Most wont give quotes over the phone.. you have to bring it in.
  10. thanx everyone, i am going this saturday, will post pic of ellipse so you can see, also will keep you all updated what happens at the LV shop

    i am also going to take my pochette, i bought a new strap for it but the bit of leather that stays attached to the bag is obviously darker than new strap, going to ask if they will change that too!

    the thought of a gorgeous new replaced leather ellipse is making me tingle.......YKWIM!!!
  11. so, i went to LV yesterday and they said YES the pochette leather can be changed for about £30 and the ellipse would be about £300. Sounds like alot but i will get it done as a new ellipse is £700 and i love that bag soooooo much. I gave the pochette in, i already have a new strap with pale vachetta so they will change the zip for me with the leather bit attached to it, and VOILA a brand new pochette!! btw they pochette i bought 12 years ago for £90 and now it costs £205 so spending £30 on the repair and also £40 for new strap is much better than buying new accessory pochette!

    i will post pics when i get it bak
  12. Cant wait!!!
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