Changing the strap...

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  1. Just for your reference:

    As you know, I am trying to sell the Monogram Musette Tango with a short strap ( ebay & PF Market place). I still like this bag, just I have hardly used it so think I'd better send it to a new home that deserves it more.
    Anyway, a PF member was interested in it only that she wanted the musette tango with long strap, that's too bad. But out of curiosity, I called LV to see if it is possible to replace the short strap to a long one since its basically the same bag. And if the strap is worn out, you can always bring it in to be replaced anyway. Guess what, they don't do that. They would only replace the Musette tango long strap with a long strap; and replace the short strap with a short strap. What I don't understand is, it is exactly the same bag, just with different strap! I think I might give it a shot again, and bring it in this weekend to check again just to be sure.
  2. What? That is ridiculous!! Please fill us in when you go to the store, I would like to possibly change my short strap as well.
  3. It sounds really ridiculous, but it could have something to do with how they are patented/trademarked. I had an Elsa Peretti Tiffany's necklace that was bothering me (it was a disc necklace whose pendant was attached by a knot), so I took it in to see if they could put in a ring to attach the pendant. They refused to do it because it altered the design of the necklace, a violation of the patent/trademark. I ended up doing it myself.
  4. I can understand putting another ring onto the necklace might alter the design. But the two bags actually exist, changing the short strap to a long one (or vice versa) would not have created something that LV does already have. And no one would notice the change. Really bizarre. I thought of the date code but it doesn't even identify the bag itself by its design, so it's not about the date code. Then what is it? Principle as they said?
  5. Yea definitely keep us posted! I'm curious to hear what another person says. You would think you could just change the straps since it doesn't alter the bag at all, just the strap!
  6. Keep us posted please...
  7. Recap, after 1-866-vuitton said they can't change the strap of the short-strapped Musette Tango out of principle. I took my bag into the LV shop on Friday to sort of double check. The manager said it's possible, and it will be Cdn$80.
    I did it just out of curiosity but now I am contemplating about changing it since I never use this bag. I wonder maybe I will use this bag again if it's with a long strap. But my DH said I should put more money on a bag that I don't want anymore (had been trying to get rid of it). True, so I guess I will leave it as is in its dust bag in the closet.