Changing the leather on my MC Speedy...Help!!

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  1. Hi Tpfers,

    As you all know the MC Speedy consist of numerous leather areas and mine have patina-ed a bad colour. I wishes to change the leather of the entire bag, only the patina area. Anyone know if LV will do it for me and the rought estimated cost??? Thanks for your help
  2. ummm... about 500-700$ *I think*
  3. Wow, but if you're really unhappy with the bag, you should do it!
    How long does it take them to do the work?
  4. I would guess around $650 and up... :s
  5. I actually called LV about having the leather replaced on my MC speedy 30. They told me it would cost around 500.00 maybe more and that it would be gone for a long time. In the end I decided to sell it on eBay and later bought another one on eBay that had a beautiful patina and I got a smokin deal on it! 900.00USD ( and yes it is authentic! I know the price is cheap but it is the real deal!)
  6. congrats on that speedy! imo, it's better to spend a few more hundred $$$ to get a better deal :smile:
  7. Thanks guys, I cant sell it as I am emotionally attached to it. It is the bag that is used as my kitten's pet carrier when he was a little baby. It has a story to it... I can't buy another one from ebay and said to my friends, "this is the bag that was used to carry Dolce(my cat) when he was a baby. I think I'll just get the leather changed.
    Thanks so much... Although that idea is good one...
  8. Hang on, does anyone know how long will it be sent away for?
  9. $500 where? Are u in the states?
  10. It would probley take a couple of weeks but i think it would cost five hundred and up.
  11. What about just the handles? How much would just the handles be?
  12. I've called the LV store in Seattle to discuss this and they can price it out seperately. To change the papillon I had was all together $315 and would have been gone 4-6 weeks.

    If you love your bag so much it's work just getting the leather changed out.
  13. Which papillon exactly are you referring to? size? thanks~