Changing s/h price

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  1. I am currently selling some of bags (non-branded ones, real cheap under $20) and since it's the first time for me to sell on Ebay, i made some mistake on pricing the s/h cost.

    For convenience i am going to use USPS Priority Medium Box and since it's my fault in the first place not going to the USPS site, i search for shipping reference in ebay and list is as $9 for domestic. But since the items are going to end soon (currently another 20 hours) and i've just found out the flat rate for the domestic price is $10.70 so i changed 3 of my listings from $9 to $11 (rounding it up)

    But for another one item, it was too late for me to change it as there's already a bidder (>_<) Do you think it's appropriate if i ask the winning bidder for another extra $2 to cover the real s/h cost?

    Need help~
  2. No, you can't ask for more shipping, we've all done it at some stage, just grin and bear it !
  3. Nope, definitely not. :nogood: As a seller, you have to expect to charge what a buyer expects to be charged for shipping. Whenever I sell an item, I always pay more for shipping than what I charge the buyer. It's unfortunate but often necessary, especially now with the higher shipping costs and with higher value items. Not everyone does this, of course, but it's a common practice pretty much across the board.