changing paypal confirmed address?

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  1. i am in canada for the summer, but my paypal address has my texas address.

    can i change it for awhile? or will this be a huge hassle/interfere with changing it back?

    i do not want to go without ebay for three months...:tdown:

    thanks, girls.
  2. You have to either have a credit card going to yout summer address or you have to go through the confirming process - they send you a letter at the address & you have to jump some little hoops. just make sure you change back to the other one when the time is right.
  3. Oh, that is good to know. I'll be going away to school in the fall and I don't know if my parents will appreciate all the little goodies that will be appearing on their doorstep!
  4. aww, man. i don't have a cc for this address, so i guess i'm SOL.

    most sellers have been really nice about it (cooperative), but it's probaly worth doing through snail mail.

  5. Canada, you can also go through the hoops. You fill out the info on the PayPal site - do a search for confirming address - then I think they send a letter to the new address. You have to reply back to it in some form or another.

    I was in the middle of doing it but ended up just changing my credit card addresses before I moved (moved into mom's house).
  6. if you're living in a dorm it will be real tough to get your address confirmed, I've heard several girls on here talking about that
  7. Paypal is such a nuisance when it comes to confirmed addresses. I'm British and have a UK confirmed address but since being married, my marital home has been in the US. I use my UK address for UK purchased eBay items and the US one for US purchased items (there is always someone available in our homes). The hassle now is that Paypal will not allow TWO confirmed addresses, despite my spending time at both addresses. They're told me to cancel my UK account and open up a new account using my US address, but this just reverses my problem of one of my addresses being unconfirmed.

    Thankfully I have had good luck when I contact most sellers on eBay, they have been happy to accommodate my unusual circumstance, since I always offer to pay for insurance for the item, so we are both covered in the event of a loss. However it's s*ds law that the items I really want to bid on, the seller will not relax their confirmed address policy.

    I wish Paypal would wake up to the world of some people having two homes and wanting both confirmed.
  8. My UK address is confirmed but the address I use in the US, my best friends house, is not confirmed. I've yet to have a single seller refuse to ship there and one item I bought was $400
  9. Mooks, you have been very lucky. I have received a flat NO for a mere $65 duvet set on eBay, even though I have over 60 positive comments and 100% excellent feedback. Thankfully I've had some very kind sellers agree though. I guess the more positive feedback I get, the more likely sellers will consider me a safe bet. I guess sellers are just trying to protect themselves, so I can't blame them. It's just such a shame that I miss out on some deals I'd like to proceed with.
  10. My ID has over 3000 so that might be why
  11. It is very easy to confirm an address.
    1. Change your bank account billing address to the new residence.
    2. Confirm on ebay


    1. Buy several things and have it sent to your new address (you have to find sellers willing to ship to unconfirmed address)
    2. Leave and get positive feedback

  12. How will this get it confirmed? My US address isn't
  13. I'm curious too Mooks. It would be great if it was as simple as cola says.
  14. this doesn't make much sense as i can't change my u.s. bank account's billing address to a totally different country's.

    nor do i want to if i spend time at both homes.
  15. What is a confirmed address?

    • When a buyer’s credit card billing and shipping addresses are the same.
    • In some cases, PayPal has examined the buyer’s PayPal account history.
    Alternate address confirmation. This process takes several days and is only available for U.S. accounts. To learn more, log in to your PayPal account and visit Alternate Address Confirmation

    Alternate Address Confirmation (AAC) is a way for PayPal members to confirm their non-credit card billing addresses. To qualify for AAC, you must:
    • Be a PayPal member for longer than 90 days
    • Have a Buyer Reputation Number of at least 10
    • Be a Verified member of PayPal (add and confirm a bank account)
    • Be a domestic user in good standing
    • Provide an address that is NOT a P.O. Box
    If you qualify for AAC, we will mail a secret code to the address you are trying to confirm. After you enter the secret code correctly into the PayPal website, you will need to fax several documents to PayPal. Once we confirm these faxed documents, your address will become Confirmed.

    Remember, you can confirm your address immediately simply by adding a credit card to your PayPal account.

    Select an address and click the "Confirm Address" button.