Changing opinion 2

  1. (sorry I posted it before BUT in the wrong place:shame:smile:

    ...About the last years of LV's productions.
    I remember in the '70/'80 when I was a little girl and I went with my mom to LV store.
    At that time I was young, I become to drool over those bags, and often I thought LV had a poor choice.

    But now, I'm wondering if the production isn't overdone... I mean... It seems that every MJ thought, idea, dream made the night before, becomes a bag.

    Now I think they're quite too much... they risk to become less precious...
    Till now I welcomed all the bags "uncritically"... but now I'm wondering if MJ is the right designer for LV...
    I mean, perhaps another designer could do something extremely different but more in line with LV's brand.
    In particular the last collection S/S 2008, about Richard Prince...

    what do you think about?
    Isn't LV a little saturated?

  2. I've come across threads in which some PFers have said they'd like to see Karl Lagerfeld at the helm. Hmmm ...

    Personally I love some of MJs bags, others leave me cold. That sort of sounds about right to me ... if I loved everything or hated everything I'd be concerned it was all either too commercial or too weird. But as long as LV keep making TDF bags at quite painful prices, I don't think you need worry they're about to become less precious or lose their status!
  3. I'm still in love with LV. No, I don't like all of the designs, but I love most of them. I like that there's been different designs, materials, colors, etc. It keeps the brand updated and fun!
  4. They keep making handbags that take my breath away, but thankfully not all of them do, otherwise I would be giving up all of my lunch $
  5. You can't win them all, can you? I know how you feel, though stephanie71. I'm just glad, like queenmab, that I don't love them all - or else my future DH would have to be a billionaire :lol:
  6. Interesting thread... I have a somewhat related question. I think the bags (most of them) that MJ does for LV are gorgeous, so why am I totally unimpressed by the MJ line? A friend of mine was trying to break away from LV and dragged me to a local boutique that carries the MJ line. There wasn't ANYTHING there that I thought was worth 1/2 its price. What gives?
  7. are all your LV bags Monogram Canvas and Epi only? back then, all they did was Monogram Canvas bags. it was not until the mid 80's that they introduced a new line - Epi Leather. if not for MJ, there would be no Mono Mini, Vernis and Multicolour. these all debuted in the runway and thats' were all the new lines come from now. i don't necessarily like all of the designs MJ does for LV. but i do appreciate what he's doing. all these outlandish designs and shapes are done so that the brand remains in the forefront. not everything are to everyone's taste, but it is MJ's role to push the boundaries and discover new territories. that's the only way LV will stay relevant for the next 150 years. there's always their classics to fall back to, if the whacky and trendy styles do not appeal. a Speedy, Papillon or Alma will never go out of style - ever.

    as for Karl Lagerfeld working for LV, i don't think so. he's already synonymous with Chanel and Fendi. another person mentioned Hedi Slimane in another thread.... highly unlikely. he's got a very particular and specific aesthetic that would not fit LV. he'll get rid of the Monogram and stick to black for sure. if they were to find a new designer to replace MJ, it would have to be new blood.
  8. Well, MJ didi some extraordinaries lines... but he did not push the boundaries: these territories didn't exist... he created them...
    and I would probably appreciate another designer... or perhaps a little bit of regulation in the creation....