Changing Makeup? Using MAC right now

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  1. Right now I'm using MAC Mineralize Skinfinish.. it's not doing a bad job but if there's something better out there I'd like to try it. I don't use liquid foundation, normally just a bit of cover-up and the MAC powder. I read somewhere* that if you have oily skin then mineral makeup might not be a good idea. By the end of the day my skin normally gets oily but I didn't even think that it could be down to the makeup since that happened before I starting use that makeup. I need to get a new compact soon so now is a good time to change it.
    Just wondering what you guys think? Should I try something new or stick with what I know? Any suggestions for a good powder?
    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I have oily skin and I use bare escentuals multi-tasking face as my foundation... the BE foundation isn't too bad either but the MTF matches my skin tone better... I have also ordered the BE matte foundation to try; I'll let you know how it goes!

    As for powder... I use the lancome photogenic powder Photôgenic - Powder by Lancome for oil absorption; oil blotting sheets are also helpful midway through the day!

    If I need more coverage I use clinique almost powder makeup Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 > Powders > Makeup > Clinique it has more coverage because it goes on more like foundation. It's okay I suppose... next I think I'm going to try the clarifying powder Clarifying Powder Makeup > Foundations > Makeup > Clinique
  3. I love BE, and I have very oily skin (t-zone), and it works pretty well. been using it over 7 years now. I also don't use liquid foundation at all because i hate that cakey look and heavy feel, no matter how light the liquid is...

    If you need a bit more help in the summer, I recommend putting MAC Matte before you put on the BE mineral, or else, put it on when you see yourself getting shiny in the afternoon. It works like a charm. Be careful to not put MAC Matte on too heavily though.

    If you like to carry a compact, BE now has portable little carrier, with brush too! it's refillable so it's also environmentally safe. if u order through from, you'll get 20% cash back!

  4. I've been wanting to try that you like it? how does your face look when taking pictures?
  5. I've tried it all from La mer, chanel, dior, etc to clinique. I have an oily tzone and sensitive to some products. I read on makeupalley that Revlon works quite well for oily skin so I gave their colorstay line a shot for oily/combo skin (not normal) and what do ya actually works the best out of any line i've tried!! I was shocked because I always thought that drugstore brands weren't any good.

    I love the colorstay compact power for oily skin as well. It really stays put for hours and I only touch up once a day now compared to 10 times or so.

    My skin looks better than ever too.

    It's my HG at the moment and totally recommend it. I usually buy bogo at Ulta plus the coupon and get 3 items for like 13 bucks.
  6. I really like the powder... it's the only powder I've bought in the past ohhhh I dunno five years or so? They always say it's going to be discontinued but it's always around when I want it.

    I think it looks good when you take pics... I'll try to take some later if I get a chance but my skin is really oily and I reapply once or twice in a day when I start to feel shiny. It's smooth on the skin and I don't find that it looks dull or sinks into lines at all. However, I wish they had more colors. The translucent doesn't work that great for me so I buy light buff but it's a bit darker than my skin tone... oh well lol. Half the time I just put it on my nose and forehead and blend outwards anyways!
  7. Like most here I have oily skin. Sometimes feel like not just the Tzone but all over my face on those hot summer days. Like everyone I've tried over the counter to expensive.

    From Revlons, La mer, chanel, dior, to clinique, lancome and BE. All worked great. It really comes down to your skin and your body. Revlon was my safety if I ever ran out of MAC or last minute emergency makeup.

    They say everyone's body and chemistry changes as you get older and every few years. Like soaps and shampoos your body gets use to the products and do not work as well. To keep up with your bodies changes, you should switch it up now and then give your system time to detox in a way. Its never a bad idea to try a new one or rotate back to an oldie but goodie. You'll see your always the better for it.
  8. I was a 6 year BE wearer until the bismuth oxychloride got to be too much. I alternate between these 3: Diorskin Nude powder foundation (loose), Diorskin Forever powder foundation (pressed) and my new fave Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream to Powder foundation. The UD is spankin new on the market and I LOVE IT!
  9. Now I'm confused because there's so many products to try lol. I'm going shopping tonight so I'll take a look. Thanks for the responses!
  10. Just start using the MAC blotting film! I love it & use it daily!
  11. I thnk changing makeup is a good idea if you havent found something you love love love yet. But I think when I find something that works really well for me, even then i would still be tempted to buy more things to try!