Changing hair for summer?

  1. Anyone do/thinking of changing their hair now that summer will be here? 4 of my friends just got highlights or frosting and they look fantastic. I got the color job from hell-a few weeks ago. I was getting highlights and then my hairdresser decided to do something different and he bleached it-without me knowing:lol: ..... I mean I trusted him and thought he was coloring the roots-did not know it was with bleach. Every appt. he kept adding more highlights so I thought that was what he was going to do.
    So now I have blond hooker hair and need to do lowlights or something.
    I was thinking of going back to a light brown and having it frosted.
    I hate my hair now......:shame: I look horrible in dark hair and always had it frosted. At least it's short so I can do something without having it feel like straw.
  2. i try to change my hair up for the summer......go a little lighter, a little shorter, sometimes red.........but my hair's been feeling a little fried lately so i'm thinking maybe i'll just leave it alone for once and stop tormenting it :P
  3. I had been planning on chopping my hair off for summer, but I recently decided that I love my long hippie hair and I am going to keep it.
  4. I plan on redoing my highlights and getting a cute bob. I need a low maintenance versatile look and hopefully I'll get that with the new cut.
  5. I colored my hair black. :smile: it looks awesome with my tan skin.
  6. I have had these carmel highlights/lowlights for about one year, woke up last week and went "what the heck are you doing". Too many colors, too light, yuck, so I went dark rich brown, expresso color which, oddly, is my natural color. Have gotten rave reviews. Go figure.
  7. I had dirty blonde hair with long sweeping bangs... and i went to the salon, and now I have really blonde hair with bangs. I'm still trying to decide if i like it
  8. I am scared of getting highlights because of maintance. I am very busy and won't have time to constantly run to the salon and I don't like th elook as it is growing out. Any options on what I should do?
  9. i've heard if you get the highlights painted on by hand rather than using the foils the grow out of roots is less obvious.......also, you can get some highlights in between the layers of your hair so the roots are less obvious
  10. I want to change my hair for summer too, but I don't know what to do....:sad:
  11. i just got highlights & chopped off 4 in. i love highlights for the summer :smile:. the maintenance is a hassle but it is only for a few months til i go back to all brown again anyways.
  12. i need to get my roots touched up for summer, and maybe some more blonde added.
  13. yeah. I have really dark hair and I didn't want the maintenance hassle of highlights either, so I had white blonde streaks done underneath on the layers below, and they show through (but the roots don't). It's time to do those again.
  14. bethany that sounds really cool......maybe i should look into that.....although since i'm interviewing for jobs at the end of the summer i'm really really trying ot keep my hair a nice, sedate, solid color (it's killing me :Push:smile:
  15. I am beginning to think highlights are overrated. Not only are they costly but they do take a lot of time to maintain.