Changing format of time???

  1. Can I do that? Instead of the reply in the thread is '4 days' old, can I change it to 'Nov 9th at 3:00pm' or something similar?
  2. I wish that too :yes:
    Sometimes knowing 4 days ago isn't enough. . . I want to know at what time! LOL!
  3. Now I know I'm not alone!! ;)
  4. How's this?
  5. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I've been meaning to change this months ago.
  6. Whoa... that's awesome!
  7. thank you! that makes things much easier.
  8. :rochard:
  9. Ooooohhh... and the time is local too! Great job! :flowers:
  10. Thanks so much Vlad! I just signed on and saw it :biggrin: Your fast!
  11. Wonderful improvement! Thank you so much, Vlad!:flowers:
  12. Isn't he lovely :girlsigh:
  13. Could we have both..? (I know, some people are never satisfied..):yes:
  14. yes, can we have both?
    i live on the other side of the world, and the date and time thing is not working well on me :crybaby:
  15. yes, it would be great if we could have both :yes:
    I'm in Europe and the new format is not working well for me too..