Changing font color/style/size permanently??

  1. hi all, I was wondering if there was a way to change the color/style/size of font we use permanently? (so that in every thread we start or reply to post it's always the same until you decide to change it) I wanted to start using Arial in purple font and find the extra steps to "Go Advanced" to make those edits time consuming since I just want to post away! :p Any advice would be great! TIA!
  2. That would be awesome- I already asked this question and it can't be done.:sad:
  3. I remember we asked a long time ago. . . . it can definitely be done on v.bulletin, it's just a metter of wanting us to have that freedom.
    The other board I visit sometimes on this same v.bulletin software does it but it can get out of control, some people use massive fonts or in colors way too light. . .
    there's a lot of fun perks, but it may hog bandwidth and we all know we don't want that! LOL!
  4. awww :sad: i thought it would look so pretty but swanky, what you said would also be true! oh well, i guess i'll be editing all the time. hehe.
  5. I know, I'd love it.
    Some people chose fonts so big you had to scroll to see their 2 sentence posts, it was pretty ridiculous.
    I wonder if there's a way to let us, but to control it better, like allow some colors and any font style, but restrict font size to no larger than 4 or 6 or whatever{?}
  6. yea, that was what i was thinking.. to make it colorful but still reasonable.. i wonder if it's possible?? Vlad?? Megs?? Anyone??
  7. Swanky, you sure it can be done natively in vB?
  8. That would be awesome.. cause I love this font and color..:flowers:
  9. That would be awesome, a restricted way to have fun with your posts without going overboard!
  10. natively?
    I have no idea! LOL!
    I was just meaning that another v.bulletin has it, I have nooo idea of what's native or not:shrugs:
  11. Vlad : If it can be done, are you considering it?? Pretty please?:flowers:

  12. Sure, I'll look into it.