changing eyebrow color

  1. I just dyed my hair to light brown,i asked my stylist to dye them but she said she couldnt do that,that the person who does the eyebrows can called tinted eyebrows i never heard of it,what does it consist of?also if i wanted to dye my eyebrows what hair dye could i use to dye my eyebrows light brown?or any other tecnique thanks
  2. i thought the hair dressers just take a little bit of the dye they use on your hair and put in on your eyebrows? thats what they do in they do in the salon i go to anyway
  3. that's what they usually do if they don't have any brow services. however, if it's a full service salon, they will refer you to the person who tints brows.

  4. My eyebrows are too light, I just use the cheapest hair color in the store and dab it on w/ a Q-tip about once every 2 months.