Changing email not recommended??

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  1. We have moved several times in the last few years and on our last move I changed my email with Coach because I started using that email just for sign ups..the spam was incredible. I didn't want to miss the Coach updates so I gave them my new address.

    I still get emails in that first account and different ones...thank you for visiting in the new one. Is is NOT recommended that you change emails? Does that erase your buying history or is it all saved?

    Just curious!
  2. I think our purchase history/information is saved under our name and address. The last time I was in the coach store the SA checked the computer entry for my name and said they had me with a different address, and then proceeded to change the address. At the time I was just puzzled because the address was so different than mine (but same city.) Now I'm wondering if she didn't just erase someone else's entry or maybe she merged the two histories into my name (hope she doesn't return or buy a lot of stuff, LOL).

    Time before that they were checking my info and the SA said they had my name spelled all wrong, so she corrected it. Now I'm wondering if the two incidents are connected, first they changed the name, and then the address? Funny thing is that I get regular mail from Coach all the time, so it must be correct someplace in their system.
  3. I recently changed my email address and I had no issues. I got an ePCE at my updated email address, which is expected since I always got the PCE for years now.

    The way I changed it was I opened email I had received from coach and at the bottom of the email, there is a link to either unsubscribe or change your email address. I went to this link and simply updated my email address. Then since I got married and moved, the next time I was in the store and bought something, the SA just updated my name and address info. I'm hoping that all my previous history got carried over. Only time will tell, I guess.

    If you changed your email via the link I mentioned, I would not worry about it. Good luck!
  4. Do they really send emails saying Thanks?
    I knew they did cards (which reminds me they never sent me anything the last time I bought something)
  5. ^^ Yes, after one uses the PCE they send an email saying thanks for coming in. Also they send a reminder if one doesn't use the PCE soon enough. I usually wait until towards the end of PCE, and get the reminders, LOL.
  6. Yes emails to thanks for stopping by which I figured is automatically triggered...I was more impressed with the thoughtful (not a form letter) handwritten notes I received...I find that in this day and age a handwritten thank you is nice... :biggrin: