Changing bags...

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  1. where can you get a purseliner?
  2. I use a small size Chameleon which makes switching bags a snap.

    I change about every 3rd day or so.
  3. I change mine every Sunday-at the start of a new week. I'll also change out if there's something more appropriate for the activity/function that I have during the week.;)
  4. I personally change bags per outfit, per occasion, etc - daily. In my bag I have my keys, makeup bag, wallet, inhaler, phone, and lotion. To switch bags I simply dump all my stuff out onto my bed and into the bag of the day.
  5. Livin.....I can exchange bags in about 30 seconds, using your about you??? :wlae:
  6. I change my bags every few weeks when I feel like a perk up. If I have a specific outfit need, I'll change, but's every few weeks. I love the chance to get rid of the receipts, the junk, the dust -- review everything and start afresh. I love switching to a different bag. Really gives me a lift!
  7. I try to change my purse every day or two. I have an LV koala wallet and I never change that. Just my purses.
  8. I change my purse every few weeks or when it suits a particular outfit I have on or a mood I'm in or if the weather is yucky and I need to switch to a waterproof bag (like patent leather or coated cotton type bags).
  9. I typically change my bag several times a week, sometimes almost daily.

    I have noticed that using smaller pochettes helps the process of switching bags. I keep my cardholder, coin purse, lipstick, cellphone etc. in a pochette, which can be moved from one bag to another in seconds.
  10. I bought a radley leather pencil case to put my 'little things in' ie pen, mini mag-light, mini swiss army knife, few iboprofen, lip gloss etc so it's easy to change bags and i don't have to go digging in all the pockets!
  11. I change out either every couple of months or sometimes weeks. Usually on Sundays to get ready for the new work week. I am trying to rotate my bags more.
  12. I have a wristlet that I use but it is not large enough to hold eveything, I still end up with overflow. I'm going to order a Chameleon today.
  13. I have a couple of Pursekets and no longer use them. I use to change bags every day but have been carrying my LV Mono Beverly for over a month which is something that is shocking everyone. I carry an iPod, keys, cell phone, LV Mono Zippy wallet and an LV Mono cosmetic case. The cosmetic case has all the essential little stuff (USB flash drive, lipstick, lipstick brush, perfume, Sweet 'n low, etc.). I can swap a bag out in less than a minute. I keep a hairbrush in my various cars and desk drawer so I don't need to schlep one around in my handbag.
  14. I change my bags all the time...what I carry is directly related to the weather, what I want to wear, and my mood....I love changing my bags b/c it's like falling in love all over again for the first time..!! Why else do we buy them? TO USE THEM!!
  15. I change bags every day or couple of days mainly because I have a different bag for work, when I'm with my kids (including a 2 year old!), casual etc. All my bags have different functions and are different sizes and styles!