Changing bags...

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  1. How often do you ladies change purses? Sometimes I find myself wanting to change but not doing it right then because I have soooo much stuff to switch over. Do you use purse organizers to make it easier? I'm just one of those people who has my world in my bag.
  2. The Chameleon purse organizer makes your problem a non-problem! I change handbags in 3 seconds without forgetting a single thing!
  3. I don't haul a great deal around with me, and so when I change out bags, which is at least every other day, it takes about 30, wallet, keys, gum, sunnies, big deal at all! :P Besides, I really am a neat freak when it comes to my handbag innards.....I hate accumulating stuff, so changing out often gives me a chance to get rid of unwanted receipts and other stuff we like to stuff inside our purses!
  4. Maybe every couple of weeks.
  5. Usually every day. Occasionally I will use the same one 2 days in a row.
  6. I change everyday. I don't find it difficult. I just grab yesterday's bag and switch my stuff over. It takes 1 min.
  7. not often enough.
  8. Same here! It keeps me from hauling around a bag stuffed with "junque." I carry: wallet, cell phone, Blackberry, folding hairbrush, small hand lotion, keys, small cosmetic case with lip gloss and balm and a microfiber cloth for cleaning my glasses. C'est tout.
  9. Oh, yeah....where would I be without my cell phone, too! I just turn my bag upside down on the bed, and everything falls out so it is ready for the next bag adventure! :nuts:
  10. In theory, it sounds great but the sizes are hard to figure and the colors - I want something completely neutral, no color flash - what size for a Gucci med. Pelham? I have so many bags - any advice??? TIA
  11. That is my biggest problem, I always have tons of paper for some reason!!:wondering Notes, receipts etc. And a lot of my little things (lipstick, mirror, lotion, etc) are loose inside one of my inside pockets. I need help!!!
  12. Usually every week or two weeks - but I have a small bag collection at this point - I'd wager as my collection grows, so will my changing habits ;)
  13. I change bags nearly everyday - it really depends on what I'm wearing - whether its casual or smart, day or evening, how much I have to carry (if its a day out with the Hubby and Children then I need a bigger bag).

    Unlike my friends who only own a couple of bags - I never have rubbish, odd bits of paper or sweet wrappers in my bag because I change them so often.
  14. Now that it's summer, quite often. I use one bag for work (a Target bag, in case it gets gross), but if I go somewhere after work or on the weekends then I usually take something else with me.

    I've considered getting a purse organizer, but I love the linings/pockets of my bags, so I haven't taken that step just yet.
  15. I use purse liners, which are fine, but when it comes down to me being pedantic, I have different colours of purse liners to match the bag lining. So, change contents over anyway.

    I have always hated stray items rolling round the bottom of a handbag, and so have always used wallets/cosmetic type bags so I can find things easily.

    Liners do make things easier, and save you leaving important things behind. Just like bags, too many designs/styles/sizes to choose from.

    Have one for every occasion!:wlae: