Changing Bag's Design

  1. I learned today that older pochettes do not have a ring on one end for the strap to attach to. I don't know when that design changed (if anyone does, please let me know!), but the newer ones are different.

    I also know that very old Speedys had a seam on the bottom and were made with separate pieces of canvas and the monograms on one side were not upside down.

    Does anyone know when that design changed, and does anyone know of any other design changes on any bags?
  2. I do not know, but if you are near a boutique it might be helpful to go in there.
    I have had SA's who know nothing, even of new bags - I get a blank stare. But every now and then I get an SA who has worked in the store for 10+ years.

    Though, others on this forum might have the info you're looking for. Good luck.
  3. I dunno about the pochettes, they've always seemed to have the same design to me. However, yes, the old French Co. Speedies did have 2 right side up pieces of canvas in the 80s I believe
  4. As far as other bags that have been changed, I think the Cabas Piano and Mezzo are now made with one piece of vachetta on the bottom where the older ones have three. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. I know that the Looping bag's bottom used have two swatches of material stitched down the center, but it is now made of one swatch of fabric.

    The Ellipse has also been changed. It used to have two columns of LV's down the front, just inside the handles, but the current version has one column of LV's down the center.
  6. I read recently that some vintage Noe's don't have the d-ring. Also some have zippered pockets and some do not. Mine is a mono from 1992 and I have d-ring but no pocket. I think maybe only the epi's had pockets?
  7. Oh, here's another thing that's changed - date codes. I think vintage bags didn't have them at all, and now the format's being changed for 2007.
  8. What is the format being changed to?
  9. My new (11/06) Petit Noe has a d-ring, but no pocket.
  10. I think the numbers go in the same order (alternating), but they will now be week and year instead of month and year.
  11. On the mini pochette's with only 1 ring, those might have been from the bucket, no?