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  1. Hello all :wave:

    Megs and Vlad have asked us to look at drastically reducing the number of 'sticky'd' threads, as with the new platform layout, the stickys are pushing all other threads way down the page. We have not moved anything as yet, but wanted you to be aware of why changes are happening.

    The Hermès forum has already had pretty much all of their stickys unstuck and there is a there is a feedback thread on this here:
    Please feel free to comment (on the topic of stickys please :graucho:) before Calflu and I start further work on them...

    Many thanks


    Calflu & Mo
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  2. So....

    Looks like no one has any strong feelings regarding the sticky'd threads, as no one has commented...?

  3. I like the organisation of stickies and that they are on the top. Please try and keep the organisation and structure. I love the chat and action threads. Also the shopping section- prices, new season information, UK, Heathrow etc
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  4. I understand the non-stickiness of the stickies as discussed in the thread you referred to. They're replied to so often that they will automaticaly stay on top /near the top. Another problem I've been having since the update, is that not all pictures show; sometimes I see the pictures; other times I have to click the link attachment.... . Also in the original posts (I had this before with reposts, think this is normal).
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  5. Thanks for that feedback Elsbeth. This is what we're presuming, that because of the traffic it shouldn't make too much difference.
    Re: photographs, this thread is purely focussed on the stickys, but there is a dedicated thread in the feedback dropbox which you can find here:
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  6. Thanks Mooshooshoo (hope I got that right ;) ), I'll check that thread
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  7. I think if you "watch" the threads you are most interested in, it does not matter if they are no longer sticky'd in my opinion. You can just click on your watched threads or forums under your profile, or under forums and easily find them there. As previously said, they will be found closer to the top as they are commented upon more often.

    If you comment in a thread it is also added to your watched threads. You can choose when you comment if you want to receive emails for any responses to the thread or customize your profile settings to receive responses only when one comments on your post. Same goes for removing a watched thread. If you made a comment and no longer want to see updates, you can open the thread and click on "unwatch." Same applies to forums you'd only like to see.

    It is just getting used to the new capabilities of the new platform. Watching threads or forums you like helps you not have to search through so many threads or forums one may not be interested in. I hope that makes sense.
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  8. #8 Jun 28, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2016
    As a regular tpfer on the Chanel forum, I vote "Remain" for Stiexit.

    The sticky threads are very useful for seasoned tpfers, and especially new tpfers. Seriously, there is a reason why they are designated as sticky threads in the first place. They are important threads that contain very useful information for a lot of tpfers. It is better for them to be clustered together as a group so that tpfers can find them and refer other tpfers to them easily.

    If Megs and Vlad, due to their personal reasons, really find the fact that the sticky threads are on top of the forum threads somehow annoying to their eyes, I would suggest creating a subforum that contains all the sticky threads. For those who do not want to see the sticky threads, they don't have to go to that subforum. For those who want to post or see new posts on the sticky threads, they can just go to the sticky thread subforum. In this way, everybody is happy! :smile:

    Yes, it is true that we can subscribe to the sticky threads. but not everyone wants to subscribe to so many threads and get a lot of email notification about new posts. Personally, i like to subscribe to a few threads and get email notifications for these threads, but not for others and not too many... For the sticky threads, i like to just go n read or post on them without having a subscription.
  9. Everything she said. I like the stickies and going to them easily.
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  10. Hi there! want to weight in given the inexplicable amount of time I log here :smile:
    • Love having the convenience of sticky on top on things like instructions and the frequent items like ".. in action" that are frequented by chronic TPF members and new members
    • Think the "Please identify this Chanel" fits better in the Chanel Shopping area?
    • Consider a new sub-section/folder be added called "Chanel Authentication" and move existing related instructions and threads to that section (like at the same level as "chanel shopping", "chanel Reference Library") - thought it may help reduce efforts by Mods to re-route 90% of new/independent threads created accidentally by new members, or members who create it in the main page on purpose trying to get more "pedestrian traffic/hits" being out on main page on their desire to get items authenticated. :P This way, it would be visible right on the main page as a sub-forum and people can see/know they should go there directly for all things authentication (since it's such a big part of the forum and people seeking this are generally and understandably very eager to get help, and hence less likely to browse around and look for a thread located in another sub-forum/folder).
    • There is a thread in the Shopping forum related to VAT refund - thought it would be a great one to change into a sticky (totally helpful! and almost always you have someone looking for it)
    • and... not related to sticky, but seems like we lost some animated smilies - in fact can we please have more?!?!?! pretty please? :flowers:
    Hope this helps a bit!
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  11. Totally agree!
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  12. Can I also comment on the fact too many repeated topics opening over n over and some people don't read or follow instructions of the forum. Can we please do something about random threads being open in the forum so we don't have sticky pop up all the time ?? I rather have some relevant threads such as new release collection discussion opening and seeing these discussions on the top of sticky ... Thank you in advance for all the hardwork Calflu &Mooshoo for organization of the forum
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  14. We'd like to hear from you so like what Mo said, please keep comments coming!!
  15. I agree on stickies, keep them. The one that bothers me all the time is "Chanel authentic finds on ebay/web" . Even though I posted myself there, it's not very popular, I often confuse it with boutique finds thread.
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