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  1. Hello all :wave:

    Megs and Vlad have asked us to look at drastically reducing the number of 'sticky'd' threads, as with the new platform layout, the stickys are pushing all other threads way down the page. I have already undone a couple, so wanted you to be aware of why this had been done.
    Mistikat in Hermès has already removed pretty much all of their stickys, and there is a there is a feedback thread on this here:
    Please feel free to comment (on the topic of stickys please :graucho:) before Addy and I start further work on them...

    Many thanks

  2. There aren't really very many on this forum are there? I guess you could combine the 3 "finds" threads on Mulberry shopping?
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  3. IMO 'welcome to mulberry thread should be at the top' it's currently at the bottom. I'm not sure how popular some of the threads are, I never look at the two celebrity threads. As Pessie suggested I agree that some of them could be merged.
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  4. Agreed--welcome thread could be 1st in order.

    Believe moving authenticate request thread(from shopping) to 2nd stick position would reduce forum thread chaos/bulk.

    See less traffic on what's in bag thread. Could unsticky.

    Agreed, we have FAR fewer stickies than did hermes. Not huge pita scroll-through here, imo.

    Hope helps.
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  5. Thank you for the feedback so far. The stickys aren't fixed in order, so the one with the one with the most recent entry will always be on top. So, whilst I agree it would make sense to have the welcome thread in first position, I don't think it's possible. I will feed this back to Vlad though to see if there is a work around.

    Please keep the suggestions coming...

    Thanks :smile:
  6. Oh yes. It would be nice to merge the celebrity pictures and chat thread. :smile:
    I guess this could increase traffic there.
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  7. They are now in the main body of the forum Ludmilla... Hmmm! Merging celeb pics and chat!

    What about if I simply take the "no chat" off that thread?
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  8. Hehehe. Found the picture thread already. It would be cool to be able to comment on the pictures without moving to another thread.
    Thank you for all your hard work. :smile:
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  9. Ok, will sort that now :tup:

    Thank you :blush:
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  10. May I suggest that the 'authentication ' sticky be moved from Shopping to the main forum ? So many people post individual requests here , missing it in Shopping ?
    They seem to be able to find their way here ok ?
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  11. Thank you, too. :flowers:
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  12. +1 . I think this is a good idea.
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  13. Thanks Slow,
    Vlad & Megs have certainly mentioned this as a possibility. We'll wait for more comments on it though before switching things around, but what you say certainly makes sense.
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  14. I don't know what a sticky is.......
  15. Good point Scrapsy,

    Sticky'd posts are "stuck" or pinned at the top of a page...


    In this screenshot the top 5 posts are sticky'd or pinned. If you look beneath the heading "start date" you can see a pin icon, denoting this.
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