Changes to the Marketplace

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  1. I figured that it was a good idea to open up the Marketplace a notch. I've written down some basic rules in the sticky thread in the Marketplace itself, please follow them to keep things smooth.

    Pictures in WTS threads (Want To Sell) are not mandatory, but they greatly increase your chance to sell your item to a fellow board member. Payments have to be arranged privately, do whatever you feel comfortable with. To ensure a smooth transaction, I would suggest to get an account at PayPal, as they have certain mechanisms in place to help you get your money refunded, should an exchange fail or be unsatisfying.

    I have to stress this again: The Purse Forum or any of its owners do not guarantee authenticity of the item(s) sold or exchanged, nor do we guarantee that your transaction will go smoothly. Asking questions in the threads are a must, but please exchange private info like addresses via PM or email. Do not post them publicly.

  2. Thanks for the note!
  3. Thanks for that Vlad!
  4. Thanks for the update :nuts: Business at The Marketplace is booming :amuse:
  5. Thank you so much! I've seen some great stuff and look forward to buying one off from someone here!
  6. Thanx, this is great
  7. Sound great! Thanks
  8. Thanks!
  9. thank you! i really like the marketplace
  10. Thank you so much for putting in a marketplace category ! :amuse: