Changes to Artsy MM

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  1. Questions
    1. When did LV change from fabric stamping the date code to a leather tag date code on the Artsy?
    2. When did LV add the leather lining at the top of the bag?

    I want to make sure everything corresponds with the correct dates before I purchase.

  2. Just get your bag authenticated.
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  3. I would except it isn't my bag and I won't risk the purchase without these answers. Thank you for your suggestion though.
  4. You don’t have to purchase to have it authenticated. There’s a thread here to post the link to the bag and other PF members can authenticate for you before you buy.
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  5. Can't remember exact month, but the leather trim at the top only happened this year. I want to say it happened sometime in spring.

    The date code, not sure at all, sorry. I think you would have more luck either posting on the authentication thread, or on the artsy thread. Link the listing and post photos if you choose to go the authenticiation thread route. If you use artsy thread, post that you are looking to buy a an artsy in [blank] canvas made in [blank] year -was the date code fabric or leather?

    If you buy the bag, get it profesionally authenticated still. If you are based in the US, it is illegal to sell counterfeits. Papers that show an item is inauthentic is your way to ensure you get your money back.
  6. Ok. The date code is from early this year and its on a leather tag, I think the leather tag date code began in 2014 or 2015 so thats good. Then I found a post that the leather trim was released spring of this year just before summer so that is accurate too. I will definitely get it checked out if I buy it and I am feeling much better about that now!
  7. All of this bares literally 0 proof of authenticity. Date codes just like every other part of the bag can be counterfeited. So even though everything “seems” to match up you could also be dealing with a good fake. Just have the bag authenticated and let a pro do the work of finding if it’s authentic or not.
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