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  1. Recently, the more popular this forum got, the more people started using the Marketplace... which is actually a great thing. But the downside is, that Megs, our mods and myself keep on getting swamped with questions regarding potential buyers (in the WTS) or sellers (in the WTB) who were new users to tPF... in addition, there's been several cases where newly registered users tried to abuse the MP and sell questionable merchandise to our members.

    In order to put a little more order into things, and make the Marketplace a little more secure of a trading platform for our members, We've decided to only open the Marketplace for members who have been eligible for thread posting in the past - meaning: 75 posts and 1 month membership since registration.

    Unregistered users, users awaiting email confirmation, or regular members will not be able to view the Marketplace at all. I know that this limits the amount of people who are allowed to trade to about 550 folks (as of today), but we want to do our best to keep the MP trustworthy and hassle-free, and we believe this is the right step to take.
  2. This is sad. I was in the process of buying a B-bag from PF member Baby Boo. The money was to be sent tonight. I guess I will have to let her read this so she understands that I am too new to make purchases.
  3. Oh, I am sorry to hear that :_(

    What about members who have complete purchases so far, still locked out?? Since joining, I've purchased about 4 items from MT... 2 have arrived, hence the 2 fb... and two more in the mail... I guess I'll have to wait out my month before I get to shop again
  4. I thought new members couldn't sell but could still buy???
  5. Apparently not anymore. I feel horrible right now since I guess I have to tell the seller I am not allowed to buy the bag, and she will think I am a flake...
  6. regular members will not be able to view at all? HUH?
  7. I guess newbies with less than 75 posts and or 30 days as members. Argh. What do I tell the seller?
  8. Aw this is sad... I made my first purchase as a newbie on PF and have sold a purse to a wonderful newbie as well. But I do understand the reason for taking precautions and I'm just sorry the spammers had to ruin it for everyone else.
  9. Lets not all ***** and complain to much. Vlad and Megs do not have to have a Marketplace. They are not making money from it. Its a perk to being on this forum. Suck it up....make your posts and bide your time. I would hate for them to say screw it and take it down. The rules are in place to protect everyone. And those of you who are not eligible yet will be thankful for these rules when they protect you.
    Thanks again Vlad and Megs!
  10. I see your concern in this matter. Perhaps I can open up the WTS to newbies, but close the WTB. You guys need to understand that there's been plenty of troubles in the past weeks, especially in the WTB.
  11. I will discuss this matter with our mods...
  12. Hey Vlad!

    Good thing that I already finished and settled my first purchase..
    Bag has not arrived yet but I'm sure it will be fine without further communication on the thread..

    Can I still access the other thread that I was asking questions on? I was thinking of buying.. :cry:

    Thanks so much for your help! And for having a marketplace! We all appreciate it so much : )
  13. If you have already made an agreement with her, I dont see why you couldnt proceed. Just dont do it through the PF. That way Vlad and Megs dont have to take any responsibility. It would just be between you two right? Definetely pm her regaurding this matter though. I highly doubt she will think you are a flake. This isnt your fault.

  14. Since you already agreed to the transaction before the new rules, it seems like you should be able to complete the purchase. Couldn't this be done through PMs? Mods--what's the verdict on transactions in progress prior to the rule change?
  15. Vlad,
    Pragmatically, I totally understand and support this. My concern was that I was mid transaction with a seller and felt that not only was I getting a great bag, but it could serve to establish me as a "good guy" since I was new. I felt that if I was unable to complete the transaction the seller would be let down (this is the second time she has listed it in the MP).
    Thank you for your time and prudent management of this site.
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