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  1. no problem guys thanks for the heads up
    so sorry cristina didnt mean to repeat what you said
  2. What if we each paid $5 to join much do you need for this site on a monthly bases?
  3. Membership fees are not something that we consider at all. A premium section for a small monthly/yearly fee may be an option at a later point, but that is far fetched for now.

    The PF should stay free for everyone to join and participate. That is our credo! We simply hope for enough interest of our members in our ads, which should help us out tremendously! ;)
  4. I will click away! Thanks for all your hard work Megs and Vlad keeping the PF up and running!!!
  5. Congrats on the growth, and you should definitely put the ads up. It doesn't seem fair that you and Megs would have to spend a lot of money to maintain this free forum.