Changes in advertisements - please read


Mar 16, 1980
Dear Purse Forum members,

you all might recall a month ago, when I posted that I would disable Google ads for the forum members. We had mainly decided to do so because of the questionable items that some of the advertisers were selling through Google's ad program.

However, the forum has been growing tremendously, we are at a point where the PF will reach about 3 million pageviews this month, and there is no end of growth in sight - which is fabulous! However, this brings steep operating costs along with the amazing success. We tried to cover a portion of the hosting / scripting costs by earning commission on sales referred to eLuxury, but unfortunately, it didn't work out as well as we had thought.

In order to help Megs and I to operate the Purse Forum and keep it free for everyone to join and participate, we have decided to give the Google ads another try to help us pay for the costs. Advertisement earnings are no longer based on sales commissions but on clicks to the advertisers alone.

I do understand that some of the advertisers who use Google's program do sell replicas, and I will do my best to filter them out as good as I can. Please understand that we do not have influence on which shops choose to advertise via Google. Should you be in doubt about an item that you might find in one of the stores, don't hesitate to ask about it in the Seller Watch!

I hope you will understand this step that we are forced to take. We still do take a strong stand against fakes, and we won't allow any direct advertisers to push their LV fauxs on here, spammers will still be canned. :amuse:

Thanks for your understand, and many thanks for your continuous support & collaboration that make this the wonderful place it is!



I love bags
Sep 13, 2005
^ We just want to make sure you all are aware of what it is we are doing and why we do it. We have no control over what ads google puts up- sometimes they are authentic and other times they are not. We think this may work better for expenses, which are growing. We want to keep everything running fast, smooth, and FREE to all of you!!