Changed my mind - AGAIN - Marc Jacobs (yes) Botkier (No)

  1. Gosh, why does bag obsession have to be soooo hard? Thought I would get the Botkier Trigger for something a little funkier (and less money). Read lots of posts about it being heavy, etc., but thought I would give it a shot. Well, after waiting over a week for it, it came and wouldn't you know - it was heavy when I got my stuff in it and it expands out so far that it gets kind of too "fat" to carry (does that make sense). Well, I love Marc Jacobs....they are just made so well and hang nice and so I hit Neiman's tonight on the way home, decided to buy the Marc Christy Hobo in black w/gold hardware. WAY more than I wanted to spend (or should spend), but it just fits right. It hangs nice, it isn't heavy at all, even with all of my stuff and it doesn't spread out like the Trigger. The Christy is part of the 2007 Spring Collection and I guess that tweaked up their bags to make them lighter and it worked....I love it, but having a bit of the guilts right now. p.s., the Trigger is going back me get over the guilts :smile:
  2. Glad you found the perfect bag! I found this post really funny because I was doing the exact same thing recently. I was debating between the Botkier Bianca and the MJ Blake.

    I LOOOVE the look of the MJ bags but found them heavy too. I'll have to check out the new spring bags. I went with the Botkier.
  3. Zoeyzoo that was a good idea cause the bianca is SO light! :smile:

    and liney06 PICTURES? :smile:
  4. will get a pic tomorrow and post it....and check out the new MJ - talk at ya tomorrow