Change tray- what options?!

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  1. I'd like to get something where I can put my watch and my "everyday jewellery" when I am not using it. On (French site) I found these two options:



    Which one do you think would be the best? Does anyone know in what colours these are available?

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  2. Both of these are functional, but personally I would buy the leather one. I have seen these in store are they do look rather lovely!

    The reason I say to go for the leather one is that it will scratch a lot less than the lacquered wood. I believe the leather is Togo, which will resist scratches. Also the design folds flat if you unclip the four fasteners to enable it to be used when travelling.

    I have seen the leather ones in brown, black and orange. There may be different colours available.

    Hope this helps! :flowers:
  3. How about one of the regular ashtrays? They are really pretty.
  4. My hubby has the first one. It's called a valet, his is orange clemence. He uses it for his watch and change.

    Very practical, he loves the orange color and it was nice to watch him open an orange box :smile:

    ETA: I believe it comes in two sizes. His is the larger version
  5. Hi kashmira :hugs:

    I was thinking about getting one of these for my husband for all of his change and pocket stuff.

    Since our cat jumps on the furniture when she thinks we aren't looking (lol), I was afraid that the lacquered tray would get broken or would scratch our furniture if the cat moved it. She has no interest in leather fortunately, so I decided that would be best for our situation.

    Would it be placed somewhere that your kitties could get to?

    I don't know what colors the leather comes in, but I would like to find gold.

    Best of luck!
  6. Unfortunately I haven't learnt the "multi-quote" function:shame:

    JustinCredible: Thanks for your input! I didn't think of that the lacquered wood could get scratched but I'll for sure double check with my SA in case I decide upon this one.

    hermesmonkey: I have seen some beautiful ashtrays but since I don't smoke I can not bring myself to buy an ashtray...

    livethelake: The orange one is gorgeous but it seems as if my SA only has it in potiron (why why why didn't she have a potiron Kelly)

    Ranag: It is so nice to see you here:hugs:. I think that the cats might be able to reach the place where I plan to put the "change tray". My cats love H (at least one of them thought that my Calvi tasted really good!) so I am unsure of it the leather change would be safe in our house. Maybe the lacquered one would be better for me...
  7. I remember reading that allaboutnice uses a Ulysse for jewellery!

    Here's the post:


  8. I love the change trays! So reasonable priced as well! The elather one come sin lots of colours, I've seen orange, dark brown, black, bleu jean, and many others in togo as well as taurillon clemence.

    The lacquered is quite hard to come by but is orange, red, gold, and some more colors perhaps, haven't seen too many.

    I like the lacquered ones better since they are stiff and resistable, leather seems to slouch with time and soften up and that I think will disminish the use of it.
  9. I would personally choose the leather tray. I currently use a Balcons dessert plate as a change tray/jewelry tray, and sometimes I worry that if I'm careless, my watch will chip or scratch the surface of the tray. Hasn't happened yet, but I'm the paranoid type :P The good thing about the lacquered tray or porcelain plate is that you can wipe it down if it gets dusty or wet (mine is in my bathroom, so gets dripped on when I wash my hands), whereas with the suede side of the Ulysses or even just the leather tray, it might take a bit more effort to get rid of dust or particles. I think either of your choices would look lovely, but Ranag is right in thinking about what your kitties would do with the tray.
  10. the change tray also comes in thick felt wool for the 2010/2011 season and I have seen it in a deep blue. i am contemplating the tray in felt wool since it will be scratch resistant and versatile and very reasonably priced (I believe it's undder $200).
  11. Does it clip together so you could use as a travel jewellery case?
  12. the felt woolen one is exactly the same in structure as the leather one, except that the leather part is thick felt wool.
  13. DH has the leather tray. I think leather is better as you can also bring it for travelling (I hate the coins and earrings scattering on the desk, home or abroad!).
  14. They've had the thick wool ones for a while now and if you like brighter colors they're great! I have a vert bouteille one sitting on my office desk, another lighter green (chartreuse?) one at home that sits rolled up in its box for when I travel. An earlier poster mentioned the colors of the leather ones; I also have only seen them in black, brown, and orange (and I love my orange one).

    They also make wooden change trays as well. I picked up one when I got an H watch because the watch did not lay flat. I think it's pearwood and it's beautiful, but I've been too afraid to use it... :sad:

    The leather and felt ones are fantastic, and perfect for traveling. I usually see the brighter colors in Europe, so if you're thinking about the felt and have a particular color in mind, do ask them to do at least a US search (if indeed you're in the US -- I neglected to check).
  15. I like the leather one. I don't like to put jewelry, etc. in a non-soft tray. I want to be able to sort of drop it in without worry and seems like the ceramic one would be sort of pain to use, for fear of scratches, etc.