Change to font and size of serial numbers!

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  1. Hi,

    To anyone interested in the finer details or authentication, I just received a new oak bays direct from, and the serial number has 8 digits, is in a different larger font than usual :smile: is this a new thing for recently manufactured?

    Will add pics shortly...
  2. Yes it is a new thing - and personally I think it's going to take a while to get used to! (particularly for authentication purposes). Pictures would be very welcome.
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    I actually had to ask Mulberry. I bought a black Bays tote in 2011 then bought a oak Bays tote in 2012, there were lots of subtle differences and I got a bit paranoid! From the tree logo, to the lack of tree logo on the inner tab, to the font size of the serial number. Luckily I purchased from Mulberry so I knew they were authentic, but there was a change between seasons.
  4. I noticed this on my new oak bayswater too, wasn't too worried though as it was from Harrods. Comparing the lock/ plates with my much older alexa, the tree is completely different and it all seems bigger and more rounded off, I quite like the changes.
  5. I noticed that too... It's a completely different font and the serial number is whiter.
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  7. Gosh that's so different! I would have thought that was abit off because I've not seen the serial number engraved that deep before! ( no offence)
  8. No offence taken, I know it came from a Mulberry stockist . :smile:
  9. Mulberry often make changes, some small and subtle, some less so. It is in an attempt to stay one step ahead of the forgers. As the forum is public it may not be the most prudent of things to give examples of these changes, especially when our authenticators go to such lengths to not reveal what it is that identifies the genuine article from a counterfeit one.

  10. It's going to be harder to authenticate pre loved now! I'd only just gotten used to how they looked before : s

  11. Good point moo I had wondered what the reason for the change may be :smile:
  12. I have to agree here, not the best decision to post pics of new used fonts.
  13. Feeling a little awkward..... Surely they'll be posted on the authentication thread soon enough??
  14. Hi, I see this thread is not recent but I searched as I have received a bag from John Lewis and the Mulberry serial code font looked different so I wanted to check.

    It seems a shame that we cannot share information for fear of fraudsters using it when in reality they could easily get this info eventually. I am surprised that anyone is being asked not to post 'give away' information when there are numerous threads on the whole forum with various shots of items whether it is a reveal shot or an authenticity shot. It makes it hard to know what we are allowed to post!
  15. I agree Jelly-Baby. How ridiculous shaming someone on the forum when only stating a fact. If someone is faking they'll eventually catch up, with or without this forum.

    It's what I don't like about this place; how some members 'put you in your place'.