Change Purse Reccomendations

  1. My latest H purchase has really heightened my H lust and I'm already eyeing a third acquisistion :wtf: I've come to the conclusion that I need a change purse for all the coins and bills I can't bear to stuff in my card case (can't believe how much I love that little guy :love:). So what would y'all recommend? I'm leaning towards the Clarisse, as I'd prefer a zipper and an exterior compartment for cash, but I'm open to any suggestions. Any info on sizes, prices, and color/ leather availability would be much appreciated (I'm thinking about etoupe or raisin, preferably in swift or togo/clemence). Thanks all!
  2. I am watching this thread carefully, as I'm also in the market for a change purse.
  3. Sorry can't help you much. I have Le 24 coin purse and it's great because I can fit tons of coins in it without it getting bulky. And I can fit 8 bills into it as long as I fold it.
  4. I have a small square zip coin purse in noisette. I remember that little sucker was a little over $500 FOR A CHANGE PURSE!! I find that I can fit a lot in there. A lot!
  5. ^^sounds cute- got a pic? :graucho:
  6. I use my corn.

    I LOVE those little pop out hexagonal-type origami thingys though....I want one of those!
  7. Everybody is probably tired of me saying this...but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Le 72!!!

    Like the le 24, but has three compartments. I put pennies in one, silver coins in the next, and folded bills in the last.

  8. Also, what about the teeny weeny be-bop? I don think you could put bills in that though....

    photo: orchids, via the reference thread....

  9. Only pic I have is the one I took earlier.

    It's the little noisette piece above the vert anis ostrich

  10. I have the cutest Bastia that I found on eBay then realized I bought it from a tPF member (what a doll you are, Authentic Luxuries - hope you're feeling well?) - it's rose shocking chevre. I love it! It holds a lot of change. I'll take a pic to post soon.
  11. Hi ValleyOppressed:smile:

    This is off topic...I like your new avatar. what bag is the one carried?

  12. Hello valley opressed ! Thanks for starting a thread about coin purses I so need 1 too!
  13. ^^haha- unfortunately that's the only bag in the pic I can't identify :p It's been posted on the forum a couple times but I don't know if that one has ever been named. Tod's maybe?
  14. What about the Thill? This is from member Mizzle's. Mizzle, hope you don't mind I post this.
    Hermes_Thill1.jpg Hermes_Thill.jpg
  15. I'm watching this thread closely too, so much change and never know what to do with it... eventually I put it in one of those jars in shops:smile:. My thoughts were that I should try the little dogon pouch? I use the globetrotter for the rest. Love those popout things as well too... anyone has them? is it easy to use?