Change of surname in marriage... opinions?


For marriage, would you...

  1. take your significan't other's last name?

  2. keep your own last name?

  3. hyphenate?

  4. Unsure or other (Please post!)

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  1. Just curious about your opinion on changing your last name when getting married. I was discussing this with a friend recently. We came to the conclusion that we were unsure of hyphenation- seems too complicated for us, personally. At the same time, we would really like to take our husband's last name but we would be extremely sad to lose our own last name as it is part of our identity. What do you think? What would you do?
  2. My last name would sound funny if hyphenated, so I will have to make a choice to either keep it or change it. I always assumed I would take my future husband's last name... but I'm not even close to considering marriage, so I haven't really given it much thought yet.

    My mother kept her last name. When I was younger, people were often confused and asked why she didn't have the same last name... she just chose not to change it. When I have children, they will take their father's last name... and I'd also like to have the same family name, so I'm thinkin' that I will most likely change my name.
  3. I'm going to keep my maiden name as my middle name and tack my husband's last name onto the end. Professionally, though, I'll be known by my maiden name. Socially and legally, I'll take his last name.
  4. the man who i will eventually marry will be a man whose name i will be extremely proud to take. there are guys in my life now who, when i think about it, i smile. and then there are guys who don't make me smile at that thought. for me, that little extra feeling is the difference, i think.
  5. I like to change my surname to his surname but that includes a lot of document changes for me.
  6. There is already a thread with the same subject matter.
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