Change of Food...could it do this???

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  1. Normally I give my dog Iams in the Green bag, she has eaten it most of her life.

    Last 6 months, she has had a fungus-type growth on her nose...I have tried a variety of things to rid her of this, prescription and not.

    I went to the drugstore (ran out of food...too lazy one evening to drive to market) they only had a Purina food.

    A week later after eating this Purina, her fungus-nose is gone. Totally clean, no sign of anything.

    Do you think this could be a result of the food? I had stopped her nose treatment a few weeks ago, because I saw no progress...I figured she would live with the only change has been her food.

    Any thoughts? Should I keep feeding her this?
  2. Have you talked to your vet? That would be the first thing I would do. If the food agrees with her, keep her on it, why not?
  3. If the growth was due to an allergic reaction, then absolutely the change of food would do it. I'm glad it is gone!
  4. Are you feeding her from a plastic bowl? Plastic and ceramic bowls can trap bacteria that can cause all kinds of issues, I would recommend stainless metal bowls.

    IMO, there are plenty other higher quality foods out there to feed your dog. No bi-products, or chemical laden, and the prices aren't much more than regular supermarket food.
  5. Please go to the vet, there are some medical conditions that look like this on the nose - please get it checked!
  6. --oops never mind I read your post too quickly and see the problem went away. But, still, if it should come back, get it checked.
  7. I would try canidae food for dogs.
  8. ^I swear by canidae for my crew, and my cat gets felidae. it's great food!
  9. Now that you've made one switch and saw an improvement try switching to a super premium food and see how much better your dog looks and feels. My favorite is Wellness but there are also other's such as: Canidae, Innova, Eagle Pack, California Natural and Natural Balance to name a few.
  10. Innova Evo :tup:

    What did your vet say the nose thing could be??

    It is rather odd it cleared up when you started your pup on Purina though. Personally, I would not continue to feed Purina because it is not a very good and complete food. I would see what your vet thinks and go with that.
  11. Canidae is changing their formula to include grain now:sad:
  12. no, i haven't spoken to my vet (since the improvement)...frankly i have spent so much time and money on this "nose-fungus" thing, i had given up hope...i have tried antibiotics, neosporin, some topical stuff prescribed...all she did was lick them off.

    but within a week of this cheap food..this big ugly fungus has totally disappeared!

    maybe she had some allergy to the iams.

    i would never have purchased was just a lazy thing, i meant to get more iams at the petsmart

    so if i change to another premium food...what ingredient would i try to avoid?
  13. Avoid bi-products, and "dinner". If it says something like chicken "meal" thats ok.
  14. Orijen is a nice food too, I mix foods so my dogs get as well rounded of a diet as possible, their stomaches can handle it so I'm always trying and mixing different holistic foods, there are just SO many good ones out there now. My favorites are probably Wellness, Orijen, Evo, Natures Variety Instinct, Merrick, Pet guard organics, By Nature organics and Natural Planet Organics...... I mix like three at a time and always keep one constant of either Wellness or Evo....

    Dogs can develop allergies to foods after eating the same food for years and that nose issue definitely sounds like some kind of reaction. I would still talk to your vet but in my honest opinion most vets don't offer up the best food options. Glad to here that purina cleared up the problem but please don't continue with it for too long, I just don't trust those mass produced brands and it's probably very likely that whatever was in the food you used before that bothered your doggy is just not in the purina and not that purina is a "better" overall food for them. Good luck!
  15. Corn, wheat, white rice (cheap fillers) should be avoided although I think Canidae uses white rice and that's a pretty good food. I prefer the foods I use to have a few sources of protein..... like the Orijen I have right now, first 10 ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, russet potato, lake whitefish, chicken fat, sweet potato, whole egg, turkey, salmon meal. By Nature Organics: Organic chicken, chicken meal, organic ground brown rice, organic ground oats, organic ground barley, lamb meal, organic peas, organic flaxseed meal, tomato pomace, chicken fat.

    I like to read ingredient lists that sound like food (quality wise) people should eat KWIM.