Change of Emilie wallet? Without extra slip pocket.

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  1. I was today in the lv store and picked up an Emilie wallet in DE on display. Something felt off as i was not sure it was the same as the pictures and videos that i saw online.

    I saw at the website that the back slip pocket is gone on the mono. The one with the curve. You can see the difference with the DE and mono on the LV website. I had the DE in my hands and it was the newer style without the curved extra slip pocket.

    Do you girls think the older style will still be in stores, because i still see the benefits of that extra slip pocket.
  2. They took out the back pocket and put in a new one directly behind the coin compartment, on its other side. It was likely done because the old back pocket position would often cause the glazing to crack. It's been a couple months since they made that change and I'm not sure if the newer colors were ever made with the older layout, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are some older styles still in stores. It'd probably be best to call and ask them.
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  3. I have the older style, mono with the red accent and I love it. I love the back slip pocket, that is where I keep my paper money. Maybe you could find a pre loved one.
  4. I found a video on YouTube, this girl had the latest model. I will try to source the old model. The newer model is not so bad, but i prefer the old one. Thank you

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