Change of Chanel bags

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  1. Does anyone know how often Chanel changes their Chanel Classic bag? Do they have minor changes every year?
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    Chanel changes their classic line periodically but not often. Here are a few examples ------

    For Cruise 2011, the classic jumbo flap and maxi flap will have an extra interior flap like the reissues.

    For Fall 2010, the caviar classic medium/large flap lost the extra thread line that runs along the border of the outer flap.

    After the initial introduction of the maxi flap in 2008, for which wings quickly developed upon use, the style was completed changed to resemble the shape of the jumbo classic flap. The overall shape of the maxi went from slouchy and boxy to a more structured and rectangular shape.

    Around 2006, the classic jumbo flap went from square shape to rectangular shape.

    In 2009, the GST went through a drastic change. The lining changed from grosgrain to stain like material. Other changes include the appearance of the outer CC logo so that the stitchings do not show and engravings were added to the grommets.

    In 2008, some CC hardware were changed from flat to round. Around cruise 2009, Chanel changed it back to flat, and then in 2009, they went back to round. Also, the 6 point star screws were introduced in 2008 and used in some bag but not all.

    2009 marked the end of gold plating.

    As for minor changes every year, yes in that you will see changes in structure of material but that's about it for minor changes.

    Hope this answers your question.
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  3. ^^^ Love all the details! Thanks!
  4. burberryprncess, I'm thoroughly impressed with the details...thank you!
  5. ^ I agree with you! That's good information! Thanks burberryprncess! :biggrin:
  6. Thanks for the info Sophie! You're always so helpful! :smile:
  7. Very informative.
  8. Great information -- thanks for sharing!
  9. I am absolutely impressed!!! Sophie, your eye for detail is simple astounding! I bet that NONE of my local SAs would be able to mention anywhere near that!
  10. WOW:shocked:
    Thanks burberryprncess. That's impressive
  11. You're welcome!
  12. Impressive and very Informative, Thanks again!
  13. BTW, what does cruise mean?
  14. Really very informative! Thanks for sharing
  15. BTW, what does cruise mean?