change my mind


which color Agenda should i purchase with matching pen?

  1. Manadarin lining

  2. Rose linine

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. now i am deciding between manadarin koala agenda or Rose koala agenda.
  2. I like Mandarin!
  3. i prefer the rose. it's so sweet. somehow bright colors don't go with the Monogram
  4. Mandarin sounds nice.
  5. oh its soo close, i like the pink too but it does seem so light tha it is not noticable...I just dont know what to do. Maybe I should wait until i am 100% sure...thanks
  6. The mandarin is a gorgeous orange color. I love it.
  7. I was going to go for the mandarin but decided to go for the rose because it is more neutral and it goes with all my bags including the orange perfo.
  8. i vote for the rose! :biggrin:
  9. The Mandarin is such a pretty bright and cheery color, but I really love pink, so I voted for rose.:heart:
  10. I voted pink out of those two, but I still like the blue better
  11. Rose for me :love:
  12. I love the rose..
  13. Personally I'd go for the rose.
  14. wow! I really appreciate your advice, I just wish the rose was al little darker..ok Rose it is..unless they come out with a fucia!!
  15. The rose with the brown mono is too beautiful! And, I am a real mandarin lover.... but the rose and mono are perfeckt together... that's what I would do...