Change in the Ball bag design

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  1. In the Chicago BV store today, the SA showed me the new Ball bag. Rather than the leather being continuous from the body to the handle, the new ones have rings with a leather strip for the shoulder strap--it's probably 2-3 thicknesses of leather and very comfortable. It just looks odd after seeing the other design for so long. The interior is different too--not divided like it was; there's a removable zipped section and when you pull it out, the interior is open.

    The toggle baguette is slightly larger now too (along with a higher price (about $750).
  2. Any stealth, ninja photos boxermom? I would love to see what this looks as I have a ball bag. Also, do you know the price for the new ball.
    Thanks for sharing the info.
  3. oooh, I'm intriqued too!
  4. Unfortunately my cellphone is ancient and doesn't take pics. Honestly can't recall the price. I was still reeling from an ostrich Cabat in Magnolia that he showed me--$21,280 or something close. I'm surprised he let me touch it.
  5. Are the rings on the new ball bag the woven ones like the Sloane has?
  6. Very interesting....I can't wait to see pictures. Boxermom, which Ball Bag style do you like better after seeing both?
  7. No, they are metal. If I recall (should've written all this down), they were the rings with the criss-cross markings/engraving, gold color.

    Marly, I prefer the new style--more comfortable on my shoulder. The top of the strap has some woven detail, too. I don't have a ball bag so I don't know how convenient the compartments are; the new style has a very different interior--open, with the removable pouch that zips.
  8. i'm very curious to see this new ball bag. i just got my ball bag and love the separate compartments and i guess i'm kinda sad that they went away with the compartments.
  9. OMG, a larger toggle baguette!!! I love that bag and always wish it was slightly larger so I could use it more than just an evening bag!!! Boxermom, what colors did they have available? Carmino? Please please please...
  10. If anyone sees it, pls post pics, thanks!!
  11. is this the same bag that is also being touted as the new sloane style (as reported by mspiggy)? would love to see pics.
  12. just throwing in my little info. . . I actually just got the old Ball bag in black yesterday, I thought I would have forever to get it but with the redesign I wanted to make sure I had one in the old style so took the plunge. I do love it, just feeling a tad guilty over unexpected splurge. I spoke with Ana the BV shopper and according to her the redesigned Ball with the rings will be coming out in Carmino but it is not available yet, it will be the 'Fall' although she didn't give me a specific time frame. It is such a yummy red! (:heart: I want it, too!)
  13. Don't feel guilty for the splurge, you have a classic bag and I'm sure it was worth every penny. Thanks for the update too.