Change in Favourite Multicolor Color?!

May 12, 2006
So when I first started loving LV about 4 years ago now (and only being able to afford lusting after them), I loved the Black multicolor much much more than the white. Now that its come time that I can almost afford the multicolor pieces and am planning on getting one, I want the white ursula. I thought maybe it was just the white ursula that I loved but after looking at other bags, I pretty much like the white better in every model, except the Speedy.

Has anyone else flipped what their favorite multicolor color is?
Apr 23, 2007
I have always liked them both. I still prefer the mini multicolore that you find on the accessory pieces like the wallets, cles etc. It would be fabulous if LV would start making handbags with the mini multicolore monogram!!! As far as changes in choices though, I use to really like the pink/purple color combinations in the multicolore now I am into the blues!
Dec 13, 2006
I have always preferred only black mc, but for some reason the speedy is the only mc bag I prefer in white over black. I saw a white mc speedy with a real deep patina and it was totally gorgeous. I still went for a black mc alma though when I made my purchase of an mc bag, for me black mc is just a better fit.


Oct 12, 2007
I to have been in love with the black MC , I live in florida and think im the only one who likes the black.


Aug 15, 2006
I love both. The first MC piece I got was the white MC agenda then a few months later I bought the white MC trouville. Loving the MC line so much I "needed" to get a black bag so I got the Petite Noe. In the past couple of weeks I have rekindled my love for white MC even more and would love to get a white MC Speedy now.