Change/Coin Purses suggestion

  1. Hey all,

    I want to get my Girlfriend a change or coin purse for xmas. I have no idea what to get though. She loves her LV wallet and her Longchamp purse so I want to add to her collection. I was thinking of getting something from Fendi but have no idea as yet.

    Soo I decided to do register with this board and ask for some help from the people that know best... you guys.

    If you guys can suggest some coin purses to me that would be great. Links/pics and price would be cool too.

  2. I think because she already has a lv purse I might be looking for something else. I think $300 is the most i'll pay for one of those little guys.
  3. What kind of Longchamp does she have? I know they make cute little coin purses and pouchettes to match the nylon bags. And they're not expensive either...
  4. I'm not sure but don't think I want to get her a lv or longchamp change/coin purse. I want something that's a highend label but not those two I mentioned. That's why I was thinking Fendi.
  5. Or something else
  6. I'd get her some other brand with stylish purses she is not familiar with. Like Ferragamo.