Chanelvgirl's collection

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  1. My small Chanel collection
  2. VERY nice!
  3. Love the necklace and the caviar tote !
  4. my only 2 lv's so far:crybaby:
  5. Coach bags....
  6. oh i am in LO:huh:o:huh:oo:huh:ve with your LV popincourt!! :tender:
    perhaps you could share what you think of it? and how did u choose it among all the rest of lovely LV's!
    by the way your chanel collection is :love:
  7. I LOVE:love: :love: :love: your white classic! Just gorgeous!!
  8. beautiful collection!! :love: :love:
  9. i love all your bags!
  10. You have a lovely collection love the chanels...btw I have never seen that pink coach you have..what is on it?
  11. very nice, thanks for sharing.
  12. Thank you. The pink coach I think is about 2-3 yrs old. That's an antique pink crystal brooch on the bag.
  13. That's a great collection you have!
  14. Thank you. I :heart: the popincourt:love: . I picked it because of its size and :heart: the fact that is top handle. I'm not really into large bags and the popincourt was perfect. Although it looks small, when you open the bag, it is actually big. I'm able to fit a wallet, my chanel sunglasses case (really important) and other things.
  15. Thank you. :heart: :heart: the white, white chanel (not eggshell white) and I waited patiently for this. I finally found this bag 2 mos ago:yahoo:
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