Chanelspeak - please help!

  1. OK, as a chanel newbie, I am about to embark on a (hopefully easy!) over-the-phone chanel hunt. I had written out all the relevant phone numbers, got my pens and paper together, made a short list of colours and styles and calmed myself down. THEN I realised I have a problem - I can't speak Chanel! :p

    Is the 2.55 pronounced:





    ...and what about "ligne", is it;

    a long 'i' as in "leeen"

    or is it "leeenye" (to pronounce that french "gn" at the end)

    or do people just say "line"?

    please help LOL :nuts:
  2. my SA says two fifty five.
    Ligne is just line here in Texas! LOL!:yes:
  3. LOL thanks Swanky... don't get me started on coco cabas ("cabasse?" "cabarse?" "cabaaa?")

    I have visions of me doing an Elizabeth Berkeley in Striptease with the whole "ver-sayce" situation (ahem... not that i've seen it, but... a friend told me heh heh ahem:whistle: )
  4. My SAs say "two-five-five". They also pronounce cabas as "cah-bus" . :smile:
  5. this is exactly how my SA says it too!
  6. I was actually pondering over this question a while ago too.
  7. Ditto:graucho::roflmfao:
  8. I say twofivefive as do the SA's

    Cabas is pronounced "Cah-BAHS" (by the SA's here too). LOL at cab-arse.

    I would also just say "line", no matter what the correct pronounciation is LOL.
  9. Hadn't given the pronunciation a thought till you brought it up :nuts: You have a good point.
  10. Reminds me of my DH ... whenever I say I want a present and it starts with a C and ends with an L ... he ALWAYS says you want hardware from 'CHANNEL'??!!!
  11. ^ lol cute

  12. My BF does that too. He thinks he's hilarious. :nogood:
  13. LOL, thanks for all your posts... :heart:

    at least chanel lines are easier to pronounce than some of the other brands... it's just a toss up as to whether or not you pronounce things with a french accent or if you anglicise them (ie "deja vu")!
  14. I'm french and i pronounce caba. It's the last "a" like in Prada, or as spanish people pronounce "a".

    And just for english people, in french we pronounce ( 2.55 ) deux cinquante-cinq. lol

    And for ligne, we say leenya, but the last "a" is pronounced like the article "a" ( example: a purse ).
  15. bump!

    Answer is unclear.... please help!

    is it two five five? or two fifty five? or does it vary according to SAs?