Chanels vs. Lanvins, which is more comfy???

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  1. I ordered a pair of the black on black Chanel Cambon flats from Saks on Monday. I got them today. When I opened the box, I realized they sent me the wrong shoes. I ended up with one of those classic flats with the black leather and black patent cap toe. :sad:

    But, I figured no harm in trying them on. I must say...these shoes are stunningly gorgeous. :drool: But they're very stiff. I was changing from my leather Lanvin flats to these. And I definitely noticed that my Lanvins are much much more comfortable than the Chanels. I'm hoping the Cambon flats will be much softer and more comfy than these. (I ended up calling Saks and getting the whole thing sorted out. They'll be shipping out my Cambon flats first thing tomorrow morning.)

    So the question is...which is more comfortable, Lanvins or Chanels??

    I vote for Lanvin.:tup:
  2. I've always found Chanel shoes taking some work to make them comfortable and TBH I generally can't be bothered with that these days and stick to Lanvin
  3. I have never tried Chanel, but my Lanvin flats are practically I wear everyday everywhere :smile:
  4. I tried both in store i have to say Lanvin is much more comfy. Are there any deals on Lanvin flats? I only know they are sold in Barneys and Barneys doesn't seem to have those promomations like Saks or NM?

    Chanel is never on sale but at least you get some gift card in those Saks or NM promos.

  5. Yes, any deals? I'd love to get a pair of Lanvins...
  6. There are some lanvin flats on sale at They have the ones with the crisscross straps in black leather and in red leather. There are some of the velvet ones with the little poufy bow in the front. I do believe there's a blue leather one in size 5.5

    Barney's offering a GC. If you spend $500, you get $50 in GC.
  7. if you want Chanel flats, I suggest the ones w/ elastic all the way around instead:yes
  8. I don't have any Lanvins but I do have some Chanels. They take a little while to break in but once they do, they are really comfortable. You can sometimes find Chanel flats on sale at Bergdorf's or Saks. They don't show up on the website but I have seen them in stores.
  9. Thank you for posting the bluefly deals. I don't want the crisscross ones though.

    About Barney's GC. Is this promotions or you walk in any day, you spend $500, you get $50 GC? Thank!
  10. I think the promotion starts today. This only applies to instore purchases. If you bring your receipts to the store, they will give you a GC. Details of this went out in a mailer that I got last week. I would call Barneys just to make sure of the details or ask around tPF. (The customer service at Barneys sucks.)
  11. I've seen the Chanel ballet flats and the bottom, although rubber, is REALLY hard! I was so surprised. I haven't tried Lanvins yet but I'm totally in love with my Prada ballet flats. I work in Pharmacy and I'm on my feet for 13 hours standing up & running back and forth & let me tell you, I wear those Prada's like there's no tomorrow. I'm so glad I found them.
  12. i have the classic chanels with the cap toe and omg are they comfy. i swear they are the best ever! i don't have lanvin so i can't compare but i live in my chanel flats!