Chanel's Traveling Exhibition Pavilion

  1. It will be in LA. Yahoo!!!!
  2. L.A. - wonderful !!! I would love to see this - very cool looking.....and the bags, oh the bags!!!!
  3. It looks so interesting. I can't wait to see it when it comes to LA.
  4. TNX for the great info. I live in cosmo city too!
  5. no SF though?
    oh well, i hope I have the time to hit it in LA..;)
  6. How space age is that!! Looks out of this world. I wonder where it will "land" in the cities and where will its final resting place be? Will Chanel make it a permanent museum near Paris? (Road trip to NY!)
  7. WOW! That literally took my breath away! I am dying to see this in person. Thanks for posting these links!